Marketing Your Legal Business Online

marketing tips for legal websites

marketing tips for legal websitesWhile a lot of business have been around for decades, several older and more established businesses are starting to embrace online marketing. What once was considered the wild west is now a strategic way for companies to reach new customers bases and even target their marketing to the customer base they’re looking for directly.

For law office and lawyers marketing online can be a harder to do because of their own legal requirements and confidentiality. But the use of lawyer internet marketing can work wonders for any legal business, and there are several things a law office can do to help grow their business.

Create a Website

Long gone are the days where someone would open up the phone book and look around for a lawyer. Like most people, your clients will google the type of lawyer they’re looking for as well as online reviews of your service. Even if you don’t have a website, the reviews are going to be out there, so taking control of your online presence is key. Your website not only can show your employees, the type of law you practice and ways that potential clients can contact you. Your website similar to JustinLaw can also highlight any awards you may have won like Lawyers of Distinction or anything from the Bar Association.

Make Use of Social Media

You wouldn’t think to look for a lawyer online, but this works wonders for your business. Not only does this give you a more “personal face” since you can show what is happening in your firm. You can highlight if you’re involved in any charities, if you have special events happening or when any of the attorneys win awards like Lawyers of Distinction or Super Lawyer. While you wont be posting personal updates like your clients will, this is a great way to show what your company does and how you can stay connected with your clients. Make use of the business page to show your hours, ways to contact you and be sure to answer messages when clients reach out.

Target Your Ads to the Clients You Want

Online Ads are an amazing thing. Not only can you create the ad you want, but you can specify exactly the market you want it to hit to. Set your demographic by location, by gender, or key words. Not only will this get a better result for your business but it will help you get clients that actually fit your business. This should result in clients that actually work for your business type and less time wasted on consults of clients who aren’t in your area of law.


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