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Manischewitz Chanukah House Review + Contest Details!

Chanukah House
Today is the first night of Chanukah! I want to wish all of my Jewish readers a Hanukkah Sameakh! This year you can add a fun new tradition for your family – make your own Chanukah house!
Manischewitz has created an easy to assemble vanilla cookie house you can decorate to celebrate Chanukah with your family. They sent me one of the Chanukah House kits to review for this holiday season – they even have a contest with them!

Chanukah House

I will not say by any means that I’ve got a future in Chanukah house building – but it was a lot of fun!

Every Manischewitz Chanukah house kit comes with everything you need to build the house including the vanilla cookie walls and roof, three colors of icing, two colors of fondant, sugar Menora and Star of David, sprinkles, dusting sugar and candy beads. All I had to provide was scissors to open the packaging, a rolling pin to flatten the fondant and a knife to cut it into the shapes I wanted. The rest is creativity and fun!

The instructions to assemble the Chanukah house are right on the packaging. It is easy to put together and once it sets up you can decorate however you want! The house is really fun to set up, and of course a little messy. When you’re done you end up with a delicious house for the holiday! My kit came with a couple small structural issues – it is made out of cookie after all. I simply fixed it with extra icing and it held up fine!

Manischewitz is having a contest with the Chanukah house! Build yours and submit an image on facebook for a chance to win $500! Check out all of the details here. They also have a cook-off contest coming up in 2013 – find all the information you need to enter here (more info coming soon!)

I’ve included all of the information you need to get your own Chanukah house below.

Happy Chanukah everyone!

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