mangiacotti travel essentials review

Mangicotti Offers Natural Beauty Products for the Mom on the Go

mangiacotti travel essentials reviewA mother’s job is never done, and sometimes it takes her well beyond the walls of her home. If mom is on the go to the office all day, or hopping a plane for the next meeting there is no reason she shouldn’t still be pampered and taken care of with high quality products. While natural products are on the rise, but rarely do they come in a size that can easily be taken on planes or packed in a travel kit. Bridging the gap for men and women, Mangiacotti not only offers their customers natural products but a wide variety of scents, options and even sizes that are travel friendly.

mangiacotti travel essentials reviewWe fell in love with Magniacotti’s whipped body wash and lotion earlier this year, but nothing prepared us for the travel kits they sent us just in time for Mother’s day. In stylish totes that can hold more than the products included, the Mangiacotti travel essentials kits are the perfect size for a gift for the woman who is always on the go and in need of a little extra TLC.

mangiacotti travel essentials reviewEach of the Mangiacotti travel kits come with the small tote and two different products and vary by the areas you’d like to focus on. The Travel Essential Kits come in two varieties, for hands and for hands and lips. Both including the Hand Repair cream made with¬†shea butter, chamomile extract & essential oils. The kit For Hands also includes their Hand Sanitizer Spray that kills 99.9% of germs and protects you for up to 4 hours while softening your hand with essential oils and aloe vera. While the Hands and Lips kits also includes three mini Organic Mini Lip Repair balms, perfect to toss in your purse or pocket on the go.

mangiacotti travel essentials reviewWith a variety of soft scents to choose from like Clementine, Ocean, Jasmine, Pomegranate, Ginger Lime and Lemon Verbena, Mangiacotti offers a lot of options for the mom who loves natural products. We love the Travel Essential Kits for their versatility, their variety and their travel friendly sizes. If we’re tossing the products in our bag, or using the uber cute bags to help us pack for the next adventure these kits are a great gift idea and addition for anyone who loves to travel.

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