Managing an Interstate Move

Managing an Interstate Move

When you’re moving between states, you have a few main things to move. There’s your furniture, your personal effects, your vehicle, pets, and you and your family. If you’re just moving into the next state, it’s possible that you’re not going too far. However, an interstate move could mean traveling across the whole country, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Managing your move may be a little more difficult than a standard home move, but there are some things that will help to make it more manageable. Here are some top things that you can do to manage your move.

Create a Plan

A moving plan is always necessary, but it’s even more important if you’re moving between states. A solid plan will help you to budget your move and ensure you have a good timeline to follow. Start by thinking about how much your move is going to cost. Budgeting everything gives you an idea of how much everything is going to cost and where you might need to try and reduce some expenses. Write a list of the things that you need to do and look at dates so that you can create an itinerary for you to follow and stay organized.

Decide What’s Coming with You

When you move interstate, you might not want to take everything with you. The more stuff you have, the more expensive your move will be, and the more difficult it might be to organize everything. So it could be beneficial to decide what you want to bring to your new home and what you might leave behind. You could sell some things, put stuff in storage, or give some of your things away. It’s worth considering the storage option if you intend to return or perhaps if you’re considering having more of your things sent to your new home later.

Find the Right Moving Companies

Moving between states could require more than one moving company. One moving company could take your furniture and other items from your house. Another company might move your vehicle, or perhaps safely move your pets. It’s worth using a specialist service for various things, particularly valuable assets. You can get a motorcycle shipping quote to get the best price to move your wheels. Or you might be looking for a company that can move your piano, your priceless art, or your pedigree cat.

Arrange for Your Own Journey

Don’t forget that you need to make arrangements for your own journey to your new home. You might decide to take a road trip, or perhaps it makes more sense for you to fly. Timing your move is important, as you’ll be moving your things at the same time. You’ll need to get there before your stuff does, or have someone else who can meet the movers if you’re not going to be there on time. Is your new home going to be ready when you arrive? If not, you’ll need temporary accommodation until it is.

Moving interstate can be expensive, but relocating to start a new life somewhere else is an exciting adventure.

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