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Mama Mia’s Jerky Product Review and Giveaway!

Mama Mias Turkey Jerky
Summer time means road trips and great snack food. One of the foods that shows up a lot more in our pantry is jerky. You might see it occasionally throughout the colder season – but like fudge, it’s a treat we pick up on our way up north in the summer. We have several jerky lovers in our family, so when Mama Mia’s sent me some of their Jerky to review I had the perfect person to try it out!
One of the great things about reviewing different products is learning about new companies. In all of our years of buying Jerky – I had never heard of Mama Mia’s Jerky.  They offer both beef and turkey jerky, and it’s marinated for 24 hours and smoked.

Now, while my boyfriend and family all are jerky lovers – I have to admit I’ve never been a big fan. It’s usually dry, and it even gives me the hiccups. But when the Mama Mia’s Jerky came in I was immediately able to tell that this jerky was different. It looked moist in the package and full of flavor.

I had set the jerky aside for an upcoming road trip – what a great snack for the road! But some how when my boyfriend got home for work, a bag was immediately in his hands. He sat happily in his chair and broke into the Turkey Jerky. His first response was it was “too sweet for him”. He gave me a piece, and I loved it! It was sweet, tangy and not dry at all. This was doubly surprising to me since I’m also not that big on turkey in general. Since that flavor wasn’t his favorite – I have no confiscated for my own stash.

He asked to try the Beef Jerky – again it was moist but the marinade was more to his liking. So much so he cleared the whole bag that evening! He loved it and wanted more when it was gone.

Because the jerky is both smoked and marinated it has several levels of flavors. It’s a nice treat and a nice snack when you’re in the mood for some good jerky.

Mama Mia’s Jerky wants one of my readers to try their fantastic product, so make sure you Enter to Win! Let me know if you want to try Beef or Turkey jerky and visit Mama Mia’s Facebook page to thank them for sponsoring the giveaway!

Find Mama Mia’s Jerky online: 
Mama Mias Jerky



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  1. I’m more of a beef person–but you know either would be wonderful–thanks for asking– I love surprises

  2. I’d like to stick with the beef jerky, but the turkey jerky could be good, too.
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