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Making Your Side Job Your Full Time Income

More and more people are taking on side jobs to make ends meet. But occasionally, these side jobs take off and take on a life of their own. Either they take up all of your spare time or they begin to become your main focus and income. But when you get to that point – how do you change that side hustle into your main income? What do you do when your passion begins to take over your life?

Narrow Down Your Dreams

Ok, you have a dream and a plan – sort of. So what now? Do you step away from the security of your job and a regular paycheck and make a go of it? Or do you work on growing your dream?

Yes, there is security in a regular 9-5 job. Benefits, a steady paycheck, and heck even a social circle. Trust me, no one talks about the isolation working alone creates enough. But you have to weigh if you prefer the security of a job or the freedom to make your own path? It’s a scary leap but sometimes that leap of faith is what you need to get yourself where you want to go. Remember, no one is going to believe in you as much as you do.

So is it your dream, or is it your passion that will drive you?

Find Your Network

Remember how we said it’s isolating working alone? That’s not a lie and something you will find out soon enough. But thankfully the internet is here to help us. You can find networks of liked minded entrepreneurs who can not only give you advice but encourage you when you hit a rough patch. There are several networks out there, like the Rising Tide Society for creative businesses. You can find resources for professional connections, pricing help and more from people already in the industry and doing the self employed hustle already. Not only can these networks help you feel not as alone on this journey but they can give you the encouragement you need to keep going and to reach your dreams.

Get the Funding You Need for Your Business

We all have our own gifts, and while we like to think we are super heroes we’re not all all Peter Parker. Our gifts are what make us unique and we want to turn those gifts into our job. But doing that means you need to have the funding to start a business. From the equipment you need to the money to pay your bills – starting a business can be scary and hard to do.

So where do you start? You can get traditional loans from a bank, or you can reach out to angel investors to get the funding you need and get you started. There are small business loans, philanthropic groups and others like Matt Redhawk who give scholarships to small businesses to get them off the ground. Researching the different options for your business and what repayment options makes the most sense for you will help you get off the ground.

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