Making Pretzels at the Bavarian Inn #migrown

Bavarian Inn Pretzel Making Class Review

Whenever we’re in a different area or different part of the state we like doing something we can’t do at home. Last week, while in Frankenmuth with the Michigan Agriculture Council they treated us to a Pretzel Rolling Class at the Bavarian Inn. I’ve always wanted to learn to make pretzels, so this was an exciting class for me.

Bavarian Inn Pretzel Making Class Review

Our group met at the gift shop area near the stand where pretzels are sold and met with Kellie who lead us through the whole process. The Bavarian Inn provides you with the pretzel dough, stylish pretzel glasses and everything you need to make your own knotted deliciousness. As part of the class you learn the history of pretzels and the meaning behind the shape as well. We created and twisted our own pretzels into the correct shape (or as close as we could) and gave them back to Kellie. The pretzels we made were then taken downstairs to the kitchen to be dipped in a lye and water bath and baked until they’re done. In about twenty minutes we were rewarded with fresh hot pretzels that we created ourselves!

The Pretzel Rolling Class at the Bavarian Inn should be booked before hand (at least a couple of hours), and only costs $4.99 a person. Like the name suggests, the class is pretzel rolling, and no an actual class where you learn how to make the dough step by step. The whole process takes about 45 minutes from start to finish and at the end ¬†you walk away with a pretzel to enjoy. Since you’re not working in a kitchen or actually handling anything harmful, this class would be great to do with the kids. At the end, you have a delicious rewards and it’s more fun to make memories while you’re making pretzels. Please keep in mind that they do not have a gluten free option for this class at this point, but it’s still fun to make pretzels and my boyfriend was more than happy to take them off my hands when I got home!


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