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Kess in house comforter review

Kess in house comforter reviewFinding your personal style is something that takes years to do, and at some point you just aren’t satisfied with choosing something off the shelf at the store. You want something that is unique to you, highlights who you are and what you love. And once you find that style – inevitably, you get in a relationship and your styles don’t match.

Kess in house comforter reviewIn our house, we decide everything together from bedding, curtains etc. It’s not a situation where one buys an item and the other just lives with it. This is our home, we want it to both reflect our styles and be a place that we can enjoy. So when we started our hunt for a new comforter, it took a long time to find one we would both agree on and enjoy. Thankfully, we have Kess in House saved as one of our favorite websites and not only did they send us a comforter that is perfect for our bedroom, but also pillows that reflect our style as well.

Kess in house comforter reviewI was searching for the perfect comforter for so long, but it had to be one that I liked, and wasn’t too girly so my boyfriend wouldn’t complain (too much). After sending him several options I liked – he vetoed them all. I gave up all control of the search and handed him the keyboard. The next day, I got an email with several options he liked – most I hated… except one. It was The ONE! A large map of the world with Wanderlust in wooden tiles across the top. Perfect for how we’re decorating our room (more on that later) and to highlight our mutual love of travel. It is a quilted comforter that doesn’t require us to add in our feather down blanket so we can bundle up even more in winter if we need it. And the map is in full color with labels of countries and major cities throughout the world we’re hoping to visit some day.

Kess in house comforter reviewOnce the comforter was selected it was time to add in some throw pillows that could mix and match together to show our taste. I went with a Queen Bee pillow for my side, and he gets a pillow themed around London for his, in between – a large throw filled with macaroons, like we shared at the top of the Eiffel Tower last year. Togeher, they show us, our style and are fun conversation pieces.

We love how everything came together and how the set is can match and change as we want. That is part of the joy of Kess in House, you can choose what is perfect for you, for your style and for any budget.

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