Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker Review

Make Your Perfect Cup of Coffee with the Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

***We were provided the Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker to facilitate this Review***

Coffee is a way of life, and for a lot of people their day wont start without the perfect cup of coffee. But long gone are the days of brewing a pot of coffee and forgetting about it, since single pod coffee brewers took over the market a few years ago. Those brewers are great, but can create a lot of waste – and limit a whole segment of the market – the coffee drinkers who prefer fresh coffee grounds! Yes, there are re-usable pods you can get but you still have to get filters and a lot of added expenses.There are some other single serve coffee makers including Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker that will change your view on morning coffee.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a coffee brewer that did one cup at a time, without all that extra hassle? Now you can! Hamilton Beach has create a single cup brewer that uses fresh grounds. They sent us one of their new Scoop Coffee Makers that not only has an extremely easy set up – but offers coffee drinkers a hot cup of coffee in less than 90 seconds without the use of pods or even paper filters.

The Scoop Coffee Maker has an integrated scoop that allows you to get the perfect amount of grounds for your cup of coffee each time. That means you can go directly from scooping your coffee and put the scoop right into the brewer for a quick cup of coffee. Your grounds will be perfectly measured and the filter is built in so there’s no extra step involved.

Flexibility is key with any and all Hamilton Beach products, and the Scoop Coffee Maker is the newest of their products that show that. Not only does it have the coffee scoop filter, but the base plate is easy to flip up for smaller cups or can stay at the base for larger cups of coffee.

And adding water is also simple. Instead of having a water reservoir that can harbor bacteria or attract pests, the Scoop Coffee Maker has an easy pour reservoir. Fill the cup you want to fill with coffee to the level of coffee you want and pour it into the coffee maker. Close the lid and you’re ready to go.

After the grounds and water are in the coffee maker, it’s as simple as hitting the power button and strength (you can choose bold) and in under 90 seconds you will have a hot cup of coffee without wasting extra grounds, without filters and with just the perfect amount coffee in your mug. It’s a great way to get a delicious cup of coffee in less than a couple minutes and brewed just how you like it.

Compact, versatile and perfect for making just the perfect sized cup of coffee the Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker is available at Walmart. It’s perfect for gifts or someone who loves coffee brewed one cup at a time. Long gone is waiting for a long brewing coffee pot, or the need for individual coffee pods, welcome to perfectly brewed coffee in no time!

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