Make Your Own Brownie Sundaes in the Bake-able Fiesta Foundry Skillet

Fiesta Foundry Skillet Review

Fiesta Foundry Skillet Review

When I first started dating my boyfriend, we’d love to get a skillet brownie or blondie to share as dessert. Unfortunately, it’s not something we can do now that we’re a gluten free household. But it’s a treat I can make at home for us to share, and with the help of Fiesta, it’s easier than ever.

Fiesta Foundry Skillet ReviewEarlier this year Homer Laughlin China released their Fiesta Foundry line, a new twist on their household favorite bakeware. The Fiesta Foundry line looks like it was forged of cast iron, but is lighter weight and is a bit more on the traditional side of Fiesta ware.

Fiesta Foundry Skillet ReviewThe Foundry line, while it does look like it is metal, is still ceramic bakeware. That means like all other Fiesta products, the Foundry skillet is oven save, freezer safe, microwave safe and even dishwasher safe. It is, however, not stove top safe.

Fiesta Foundry Skillet ReviewSince we love our skillet brownies, that is primarily what we’ve used our Foundry skillet for. Whip up your favorite brownie recipe, and put about half into a well oiled skillet and pop it in the oven. In half your normal baking time you’ll have warm brownies that are crisp on the edges and gooey inside. The skillet is a bit small, and only takes half or a third of your brownie mix – but this makes it perfect for two. Top with a a big scoop of ice cream and enjoy a delicious homemade dessert.

Besides being a beautiful addition to our Fiesta collection, the Foundry Skillet takes the classic look of Fiesta and gives it a new twist. Look for the concentric rings on the inside, and the stamp on the bottom. And get ready to add some great foundry inspired pieces to your own Fiesta collection.

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