Make Your Holiday Baking Easier with a RSVP Intl. Apple Slicer-Corer-Peeler!

rsvp apple corer peeler review

RSVP International Apple Peeler
Have you used something and wondered where it was your whole life? That is exactly how I felt using the RSVP International Apple Slicer-Corer-Peeler. It’s such a low tech product, but makes my life so much easier! RSVP International sent me one to review for my holiday baking, and I think it has found a permanent home on my counter!

RSVP International Apple Peeler

Apple peelers have been around for decades, if not longer. And honestly, I never knew I needed one. I’ve always struggled with peeling apples with a potato peeler. It did it’s job, and despite fighting with the apples and losing chunks of it to the peeler, it’s what I’ve done for years. I’ve heard that using an apple peeler not only makes it easier, but a lot quicker when you’re working with a ton of apples for pie, muffins or even apple butter.

RSVP International Apple Peeler

RSVP International’s Apple Slicer-Corer-Peeler does exactly what the name says. It peels, slices, and cores your apples. What is great about it, is you can choose which of the three functions or do all three at once.

It is a low tech item, no power is required and no special tools to get it going. The base has a suction cup that will hold it firmly in it’s place while you’re working. Once you’re apple is on the spindle, you simple crank the handle and it will peel, core and/or slice your apple as you go. There was a little resistance, which can be expected but it didn’t take a lot of arm power to get it moving.

RSVP International Apple Peeler

When you’re apple is done, you’re left with very little clean up. Just the core of the apple still on the spindle and the skin that has been cut off. Both are easy to remove and you can clean the spindle and peeler quickly for your next apple.

I was extremely surprised at how easy it was to remove the apple, the core and all of the left over parts from the device. Because it is so easy, loading the next apple and doing several in a few minutes would be quick and painless.

RSVP International Apple Peeler

Probably one of my favorite features of the Apple Slicer-Corer-Peeler is the slicing mechanism. Not that the peeling isn’t made seamless and easy, but there isn’t an additional step needed for when you are making pies. Your apple will be sliced perfectly into 1/4 inch slices! This is perfect for pies, or anything you’re using them in. Just remember that they will brown quickly – so a squeeze of lemon juice is perfect if you don’t have an immediate use for your apples. The slices are actually in a large spiral, so you may need to cut them down just a tad for certain recipes. I found it perfect to break off one or two for a snack while cooking.

I love how easy the Apple Slicer-Corer-Peeler is to use, and the fact that you lose very little of the flesh of the apple removing the skin. It’s a great tool for my holiday baking projects, snacking and canning. This is the kitchen tool I never knew I needed, and plan on using it all of the time.

You can find the RSVP International Apple Slicer-Corer-Peeler on Amazon for $21.95

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