Make Sure Their Stocking is Filled with Yummy Treats

dog stocking options

dog stocking options
When you hang your stockings by the chimney you make sure they are filled with everything that your family members will love. But what do you put in your pets stockings? Often of course we fill them with their favorite treats, but that may lead to a problem if their super noses can sniff them out. Instead, we started to buy stockings made just for them – that have a bit thicker plastic to keep their snacking teeth at bay (at least a little bit). 

This year, we were sent a Happy Howlidays stocking for our pooches from Pet Factory. Inside is everything they love inside. All of the treats are holiday themed and include rawhide treats, bones, canes, lollipops, sticks. All of the treats come already in the stocking so there’s no need to put them in another one. Just hang it with the others and you’re ready to go. 

The dogs are in love with the treats inside their Happy Howlidays stocking and we love that it’s gift ready. The plastic is thicker than most treat bags, but you know a persistent snacker may get through it with enough time. So while we may have given them a sneak peek of the treats, their stocking is stashed far out of range so they can have the rest for the holidays.

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