urban accent standout sides review

Make Your Sides Standout with Urban Accents

urban accent standout sides reviewWhen your dinner is cooking, your guest are arriving and everything seems to be happening at once – sometimes you forget the importance of side dishes. And let’s be honest, they are almost as important as the main dish. But with a little help from Urban Accents, you can have some fantastic side dishes to go with your holiday meals that will have your guests asking for more!

urban accent standout sides reviewWith the holidays around the corner, Urban Accents sent us their Standout Sides to try for our holiday meal. Each of the Standout Sides only requires you add the vegetable (or fruit) and a couple other ingredients to make the full of flavor side. The recipes are as simple as boil, add and enjoy – making the Urban Accents Standout Sides a quick go to for those last minute side dish ideas. There are five different Standout Sides to choose from and they range from Truffle Gravy, Spicy Cranberry dip and even more classic Sweet Potato dishes.

urban accent standout sides reviewThe holiday is still a few days away, but dinner happens every night of the week. That’s why we decided to have a couple sneak peaks at the Urban Accents side options. One thing I immediately loved about the side options is all of the spice mixes come in a zip top baggie, so you can make the whole bag if you want, or you can make a smaller portion and use it multiple times. This came in handy since we didn’t want to have over a pound of Herby Dill Garlic Green for dinner one night. Besides the usual prep for green beans, it was as simple as boiling them for a few minutes, and adding in some melting butter, lemon juice and the seasoning. We had the perfect portion of dill beans for our dinner. The dill was a little over powering, so next time for smaller batches I’d use less of the seasoning, but they were full of flavor and a great addition to our meal.

urban accent standout sides reviewNext up was the Caramelized Onion and Chives Mashed Potatoes – again we did a smaller portion for our weeknight dinner. We also made another change – we made it as mashed cauliflower. Again, the side dish was full of flavor and so easy to make! This one was more up our alley, and probably will be a repeat more during the regular dinner schedule.

One of the best things about the Urban Accent Standout Sides is they’re all gluten free, and coming in under $5 each – you can get a lot of bang for your buck! Your family and guests will love the new flavors, and you will love how easy they are to make.

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