Make Photo Gifts Easily with Canvas Champ + Win a 16 x 20 Canvas Print

canvas champ review

canvas champ review

As we travel through life we are constantly taking photos and saving moments along the way. From beautiful sunsets, landscapes, special moments and mroe. But the digital files usually stay in our phone or on our computers and we don’t enjoy them except when we scroll through them on occassionally. In the past few years we’ve started printing our favoriets and hanging them throughout the house. Our favorites are the ones that inspire us, and highlight the important moments in our lives.

canvas champ reviewThis year, Canvas Champ sent us a code to print out a 16 x 20 Canvas print to save one of these memories in print. Ordering the canvas was quick and easy. We simply logged onto the sign, uploaded the image we wanted and arranged it on the canvas. It was really as easy as getting it placed right and then adding it to the cart. The whole process took under 10 minutes and then came the hardest part – waiting.

Thankfully the wait wasn’t too long, we had our print in our hands and home within a week of ordering it. It was a nice surprise to come home and find it waiting for us. Our print looked like the image we uploaded and was printed on archival type canvas and stretched over the edges without having any weird reversing or repeating of the image. The canvas was hand stretched over a wooden frame and marked with a tag on the back. We did notice a small impression on one point of the canvas that seemed to have been dinged during construction – but overall unless you are right on the view, you wont notice it.

canvas champ reviewWe love how this print came out and the ability to look back and one of the best trips we’ve taken together so far. And the ease of ordering makes it one of the sites we’ll go back to for ordering more prints when we get back from our next adventure.

Canvas Champ is giving away a print to one of our readers. One of our readers is going to win a 16×20 Canvas print from Read how you can win one below!

How Can You Win?
Enter to win with the form below. What would you get printed on your canvas print if you win? Would you keep this for yourself or give it as a gift?! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!

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  1. I don’t know what I will get. I am currently on vacation so I might get one of those or I would get my puppy or old dogs photo done.

  2. I would give this to my mother. A turtle she had for 25 years recently died, and I think she would love to have a picture like this of the little guy.

  3. I would gift this to some friends who recently got married so they can make a canvas print of one of their favorite wedding photos. Thank you for the chance to win.

  4. I had already planned to give Nana a canvas with the girls’ picture on it for Christmas, but I would love to have one for myself, too!

  5. I’m a photographer and have never seen my work on canvas before…I may do a picture I took of the first time I ever saw an ocean ….this year….in Maine. My husband drove a lot of hours just to let me see the ocean. I love that man! Thanks and God bless!

  6. I would definitely keep it ! Not sure what I would have printed on it though… probably an artsy photo I had taken or a photo of my children.

  7. I would probably use a vacation photo from Sunset Key Cottages. I have a wonderful picture with my boyfriend facing the ocean and pier of the little island we stayed at.

  8. I would gift this to my daughter. She graduated high school last June and she and her best friend are now hours apart. She would love a canvas picture of the two of them so she can remember and smile.


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