Dinosaurs are different review

Make New Friends with Dinosaurs are Different!

Dinosaurs are different reviewWhen kids are young sometimes its hard to explain why others can be different from them. Not everyone is the same, and it’s easier when their favorite characters help explain it to them. In the new PBS Kids release for Dinosaur Train you go on a new adventure with Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don and learn about not only different dinosaur species but also how even with their differences you can still be friends.
PBS sent us a copy of Dinosaurs are Different and I don’t think the timing could be better. It’s often hard to explain why there are different cultures, why people (or dinos) are unique, and how everyone is a bit different. Dinosaurs are Different shows that even the people in your family aren’t the same as each other and can put it in a language your child can understand. We enjoyed the movie and were happy to add it to our collection.
Dinosaurs are Different has a total run time of 100 minutes and is available on DVD. Your little one will love their new adventures and learning about the difference in dinosaurs as well as their friends.

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