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leapPad Platinum Review

leappad Plantinum ReviewIt doesn’t take much to spark your child’s imagination and the LeapFrog is setting the bar the other brands out there. As part of our first month delivery for the LeapFrog MomSquad we were sent a LeapPad Platinum as well as three sets of Imagicards. The cards all come in their own tins and are fun to flip through on their own, but they also interact with your LeapPad Platinum to help your child grow in subjects like reading and math.

leapPad Platinum ReviewThe LeapPad Platinum came with a charge on the device already, so it just needed registered and an account set up before we could play with it. After a few updates, it only took a few minutes to register everything and get going. Once we were on the Platinum we were able to access leapPad Platinum ReviewLeapFrog’s learning library with over 1000 games, books and even some of our favorite characters were already there!

leapPad Platinum ReviewBesides being extremely comfortable to hold while playing, the LeapPad Platinum also has a shatter proof screen. It has 8 gbs of memory already included, and is wifi enabled. Your child can use the camera on the front or back of the tablet and the buttons are extremely easy to reach and use.

leappad Plantinum ReviewThere’s an expansion slot on the back as well, so you can add in more app cards and an easy to use power button and micro-USB port. There’s so much packed into this tablet, and it’s packed with educational fun and easy to use buttons for little hands. Each app has audible instructions for little users, sot hey can quickly learn and use their tablet in no time. ¬†leapPad Platinum ReviewWith a touch screen, little fingers may have a problem using the screen so LeapFrog included an attached stylus with a soft tip. One of my favorite things about the Platinum is the tablet has a place for the stylus to be stored and kept when it’s not in use. This makes it super easy to bring it with you when traveling and to make sure it doesn’t get lost en route.

leappad Plantinum ReviewWith over 1000 games already included in your LeapPad, you wouldn’t think you’d ever need more games to play with. But LeapFrog wants to make sure the learning games are targeted to your children and their learning needs. That is why the LeapPad comes with a handful of Imagicards. Imagicards feature your kids favorite characters like Paw Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, LeapFrog and more coming soon. You scan them with the app on your LeapPad and it instantly makes the card interactive. Each card unlocks different game play and help build your child’s math and reading skills. Scan a card for a new game and a new puzzle and make learning more fun and interactive.

By itself the LeapPad Platinum is a strong learning tool, and one your kids will absolutely love. But add in the Imagicards and they’ll have even more fun with their favorite characters. It’s time to make learning fun!

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