Make Getting Fit Fun with the @Leapfrog LeapBand and Snack Bars from @CLIFKid! #FitMadeFun

leapfrog leapband review
LeapBand Review
Today was a national campaign with by Leap Frog – Fit Made Fun! They sent out packages to a bunch of Bloggers so we could have our own mini-events and share some of the fun with our friends and their little ones.

This morning I went to a friends house and we introduced the kids to the LeapBand and a the idea of staying fit and having fun. There were so many neat things the LeapBand could do – they were an instant hit with the kids, as well as all of the adults! As we start going into hibernation mode here in the north, the bands are a great way to keep kids moving, and having fun while they’re doing it!

LeapBand Review

The kits we were sent included two LeapFrog LeapBands as well as a large variety of Clif Bar Z bars for kids. Both are great products to help kids stay active and get the protein they need to stay moving as they go.

Before we even got together the Clif bars were broken into – and I will admit, it wasn’t just by the kids. The chocolate and peanut butter ones are delicious and have been traveling to work with me as a great filler if I need something in between meals whiles I’m on the go!

LeapBand Review

But the real star in the eyes of the kids, was of course the LeapBand. When you first get the LeapBand from the box it has a partial charge, and it’s ready for you to set up. By holding the button on the top it will prompt you to get started and where you have to go to get it set up.

There are some basic set up commands you can do with out your computer including choosing the pet for your child, setting the time and even playing some games. This is great if you get it for a gift and you’re not near your computer, because trust me the kids are going to want to play with it as soon as they can! But in order to do the full set up, and the parental controls you will need to log onto your computer.

LeapBand Review

The LeapBand comes with a micro-USB charger cord that not only allows you to connect it to your PC, but is the charging cord for the device. Just plug it in and follow the prompts to set up the device for your child.

One of the best features (at least according to the adults) is the customization of the LeapBand. Not only can you set it up with your child’s name and their age/school level, but you can also set the times that are “quiet times”. Quiet times are when they are in school, or when they’re suppose to be sleeping. That way they wont set it off while they’re in class, and disrupt other activities when they’re not suppose to.

LeapBand Review

But when it’s not quiet time – it’s game time! That means they can use the games and be active. Once they select their pet they just push the top button to play. It will prompt them to jump up and down, swim like a turtle, or several other activities. Each one is meant to get them up and moving – and it doesn’t matter how old they are, it’s a lot of fun! Just check out the kids having fun in the video – that’s with only one of them wearing the LeapBand.

The LeapBand is designed for ages 4-7 and is water resistant so if it gets splashed while they wash their hands it will be ok. But since it’s for younger kids, the arm band is only made to fit small wrists.

LeapBand Review

Everyone loved the fact that the LeapBand made staying active fun for the kids. It also can be used as a watch, and uses audible guides for the kids for telling time as well as the games. This makes it great for children who haven’t learned how to read yet, and it also helps you know exactly what they’re doing.

The LeapBand makes it so much fun for them to get up, get moving and stay healthy and fit! Add in those delicious Clif Z bars and they’re set for a day of fun. But get ready to have Frogs, Turtles, Monkeys and Birds running around your house! It’ll keep them busy and having fun and healthy along the way!


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