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Jawbone Up

While my initial thought was I was about to step into the Matrix. The Jawbone Up not only keeps track of your steps, but the amount of hours you sleep, can be used to track your food intake and even lets you take power naps. There is a lot that this small bracelet can do for you. And they say the more your track your movement the more likely you are to move more.

The Jawbone UP comes in a variety of colors and sizes. I wasn’t too sure what size I would need so I had requested a large. I’ve never been a fan of anything that is too restrictive or tight against my skin, so large was a good choice for me. It is a bit loose, but still tracks each step I do each day. The only downside to having a bit larger bracelet is it can get caught on knit blankets while you’re sleeping. I’ve had that happen a couple times now, and even woke up once with it missing since the blanket pulled it off.

Jawbone UP Stats

But the Jawbone UP is very durable. You can spend hours a week doing dishes and leave it on and it wont be bothered. You can even shower with it on – I have a couple times but I don’t like the idea of putting it in extreme amounts of water so I don’t do it often.

One charge of the UP will last you 10 days, so well over a week! To actually charge the up you attach it to your PC with the provided USB dongle and it will be charged in about an hour or two. It’s simple and if you’re working on the PC you will already be there for that amount of time anyhow.

The only negative thing I could say about the UP is the syncing issue. I wish the Jawbone UP did was automatically sync with your phone on the mobile app (via Bluetooth or other technology). Instead to get your stats you must plug it into your phone 1-2 times a day to get stats. I just wish it provided real time stats as an option.

With all that being said, compared to other similar products I found the Jawbone UP easy to use. To put it into sleep mode you simple hold the button down until it flashes a blue moon. When you get out of bed you simply push the button again. To put it in power nap mode you can just press it quick twice then hold it in. It is much easier than “tap quickly” models that other pedometers have.

Ready to start tracking those steps? Find a pedometer that you wont lose, that can become part of your wardrobe and will get you moving!

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  1. I have been dying to get an Up but with the limited number of mobile devices that you can use it with, and the fact that I am apple product free and loving it, I would have to buy a new tablet/cell phone in order to use it. That make the relatively in expensive Up too pricey to justify.


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