Make dinner Easily with Sheet Pan Meals

sheet pan meals cookbook review

sheet pan meals cookbook reviewWith the growing trend of one pot meals, there seems to be a trend of easy to make meals with little mess. While most of the one pot dishes are on the stove top or in a slow cooker. They take a little amount of work, but when you’re done you have a delicious meal waiting for you. But there’s one area of the kitchen that has been forgotten about – the oven. Taking advantage of the oven and a larger cooker space, 200 Best Sheet Pan Meals comes loaded with recipes to make your life easier.

Robert Rose sent me a copy of the new cookbook 200 Best Sheet Pan Meals: Quick and Easy Oven Recipes One Pan, No Fuss! to check out and make dinner easier. Inside you’ll find great recipes to try, tips on what to keep stocked in your pantry, how to measure your ingredients and what certain ingredients are used for.  The cookbook has recipes for meatless options, different proteins, desserts and breakfast ideas.

sheet pan meals cookbook reviewBesides extremely easy recipes to follow, 200 Best Sheet Pan Meals inspires you to try dishes from different cultures and expand your meal options. For me, I love that the cookbook only uses one pan and it makes clean up easy and meal prep easier. Toss everything together and let it bake while you’re busy taking care of life. Inside 200 Best Sheet Pan Meals you will find 240 pages of recipes, tips and beautifully prepared dishes. The cookbook was slated to come out on March 1st, but you can order it now on Amazon.


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