Ultimate meal prep cookbook review

Make Dinner Easier with the Ultimate Meal Prep Cookbook

It wasn’t just something that came out of the last year, but the need for meal planning and prep has never been more apparent. With more and more people being at home all the time and cooking multiple meals every single day – the task of cooking, shopping and preparing meals for their family has become overwhelming. It seems like a never-ending task that requires constant attention.

But if you’re new to meal planning, or it’s something you’ve been working on getting better at, America’s Test Kitchen has come up with a handy guide to help you out – The Ultimate Meal-Prep Cookbook. Inside you will find 25 different weeks worth of meal planning and prep you can do for 5 different nightly meals. Each meal plan includes a grocery list, how you can prepare ingredients ahead and what you can grab out of your pantry. It then breaks down the recipes into easy meals you can cook each night.

What we love about the Ultimate Meal-Prep Cookbook? Not only does it make it easy to choose meals to make that week, we can customize our own meal plans if theirs doesn’t work for our diet or our schedule. It makes planning a lot easier and the grocery list makes it easy to put together our weekly shopping. Meal Planning has made our day to day life easier and something we don’t have to stress and worry about and The Ultimate Meal-Prep Cookbook is a great tool to help us keep dinner time easy and less stressful.

Ultimate meal prep cookbook review

America’s Test Kitchen has the answer with  The Ultimate Meal-Prep Cookbook, which features 25 thoughtfully curated, absolutely doable weekly meal plans that take the stress and guesswork out of dinner planning, grocery shopping, and ingredient prep. From comfort foods and lighter, healthful fare to one-pot meals and globally inspired dishes, there are a range of flavors, cuisine types, and cooking methods. Plans are introduced with a handy guide that contains a grocery list (with a maximum of only 12 ingredients!), ingredient prep-ahead and make-ahead lists, and ingredient substitution information that helps you customize meals to your tastes and what you have on hand. We developed the recipes to minimize your active cooking time to 45 minutes or less. You won’t have to worry about leftover ingredients or food waste; recipes share ingredients so that you’ll use up the fresh ingredients on your grocery list by the end of the week.

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