Make Custom Cards and More with Rolli Stamps

Rolli Stamp Review
Rolli Stamp Review
We love making things at home, from food to decoration and more. So when Funnybone Products sent us Rolli Stamps to try out – there were a lot of different ideas going of what we can make! Rolli Stamps come in 18 different designs,and each one has a varying pattern rolled up in a one hand held stamp.

Rolli Stamp Review

What makes Rolli Stamps unique is the fact that you have a 1 inch design inside that repeats without skipping, and doesn’t require you to use a separate ink pad. All you have to do is remove the cap, put your Rolli Stamp down and start pushing it in the direction you want your pattern to go in.The front of each Rolli Stamp will tell you the theme of the stamp, but that isn’t the only design inside. You will find paw prints, cats, letters and even paint blots in the cat stamp, but all of the details relate to one another. The designs will repeat as you go so you can use it as a border, the main pattern or a detail on your next crafting project.

Rolli Stamp Review

Using the Rolli Stamp there were a couple things I’d pay attention to including: make sure there is a piece of scrap paper or something else behind your stamping area at least at the edge. This way if you want to the design to start directly on the edge, you can be sure it wont have any gaps in starting. It also will make sure you wont get any ink on your surface as you work! The extra scrap paper can also be used as a test piece if you want a specific part of the design to begin at a certain part.I love the variety of design included in each stamp, but more than that I love the fact I don’t need to have an ink pad to use them. Each stamp actually can do over 100 feet of continuous designs in each Rolli!

Rolli Stamp Review

So what can you do with a Rolli Stamp? You can decorate custom cards, you can make your own wrapping paper designs, labels for presents or even use it in your scrapbook designs. The possibilities are endless, you just have to pop the lid and start rolling your design. Get your favorite design and start customizing your world! Rolli Stamps are available on Amazon, in art stores and on Funnybone’s website!
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