Snuggle Monster Review

Make Bedtime More Fun with Snuggle Monster

Any parents or family member who has tried to put a toddler to bed knows that it’s not as easy as just getting them to sleep. Sometimes it might be a bunch of their favorite books, a story, a glass or water or even extra snuggles. But bed time can get a little easier when you bring a Snuggle Monster into to the mix.

Snuggle Monster Review

Snuggle Monsters are a book and toy set that are made just for bed time. Each set comes with a book and a plush monster that goes along with the story. And while a new book for your bed time routine is always welcome (just how many times can you read the same one over and over). Snuggle Monster also adds a different level of fun to the mix.

After you read the Snuggle Monster book, you have to find the Snuggle Monster for your little one to snuggle up to and sleep with. This last little bit of fun is a great way for them to use that last bit of energy and to get them ready to the routine to go to bed. And at the end of it all, they’ve got a friend to snuggle with while they’re sleeping.

Snuggle Monster Review

Bedtime is a bit easier when you add a Snuggle Monster to your bed time routine. And the best part, they come in a variety of colors and creatures so you can add more to fun to your bedtime ritual. And for the cost of just a regular plush, you get both the book and the a new soft friend – the perfect combination for a gift this holiday season.

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