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curioso cuff review

curioso cuff reviewThe pieces of jewelry you wear are unique to you, and often make a statement about who you are. It doesn’t matter if they are funky, classic or even from a fancy jeweler – each piece of jewelry is a unique statement about you and your personality. There are a lot of different jewelry options on the market, and very few go from work to play as easily as the Curioso Cuff.

curioso cuff reviewWhen our Curioso Cuff arrived for us to review, it came packaged in a beautiful linen bag. The cuff itself was lighter weight than I expected, but easily adjusts to fit any size wrist. The cuff band itself is made out of a metal weave that is plated and lead free. And on top is a large plastic stone that resembles an opal, but is a lot more than that.

curioso cuff reviewOutwardly the Curioso Cuff isn’t extremely fancy looking or made out of fancy materials, but for the price point of $35 it fits perfectly for market. When you first get your Curioso Cuff you have to pull an electronic guard to connect the already installed battery. Once pulled, the real fun can begin. You can change the cuff from a simple bracelet to a beautiful lighted conversation starter with just a tap of the stone.

When you press the opal once, it lights up to a glowing purple. A second tap of the stone creates a dancing of lights between purple and green, and the third tap of the opal creates a fast blinking between the purple and the green LEDs inside. To turn the cuff off you simple click the opal again. Each tap of the stone makes an easy transition to the next mode and can change the different lights and effects for the occasion. The large stone and setting on top creates a large base, which means the top of the cuff tends to remain flat and not wrap around the wrist as well. But with that aside, the cuff is a flirty and fun accessory to go with your favorite outfit.

Since the Curioso Cuff runs on batteries, there is even a way to change the battery inside. This allows for years of fun with this bracelet, and fun conversations with your friends and anyone you come in contract with when you’re wearing it. You can find the Curioso Cuff on their website and on Amazon.

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