Casio HR-100TM Review

Make a New Financial Goal – Stay Organized with the Casio HR-100TM Calculator

Casio HR-100TM ReviewOk, it might be a little too late to make the goal to be organized for your taxes – after all they are due tomorrow! EEK! But it isn’t too soon to start making sure you’re organized for next years. Each year I try to be a little more organized, and I’m hoping the steps I’m taking will help my CPA not lose his mind when he sees my documents every year. Casio sent me one of their HR-100TM printing calculator, and so far it’s been keeping me organized for my business and my next year’s taxes!

Casio HR-100TM Review

The Casio HR-100TM printing calculator comes with everything you need to get started including a starter roll of paper, ink cartridge and a power adapter. The calculator works on both power or batteries. For me power was the easier choice, since I can always seem to be losing batteries to toys and remotes.

Growing up, I remember my grand parents had a similar calculator for their business. I remember playing with it as a kid, but never used one since I grew up or since I started by business. The calculator functions like any regular calculator or can be used to calculate taxes on purchases and create receipts. But my main function has been creating budget records and following the expenses for my business. There’s a lot of money going in and out right now, so keeping better track has been a major goal for me this year.

Casio HR-100TM ReviewThe HR-100TM calculator was extremely easy to set up, and put together. The hardest part for me was to get the paper to start to feed through the guide, but once it gripped the paper, it easily fed the paper through. On the print function it prints everything you’re typing into the calculator. You can set it to calculate the tax needed or that will be spent. It can calculate currency exchanges, and even create a cost margin for you. While the calculator is small ( approximately 8 x 6 x 2 inches), it packs in a lot of features in it’s foot print.

But don’t let the size fool you, the Casio HR-100TM also offers large buttons and text read out for ease of reading. You can quickly and easily calculate up to 12 digits on the screen, and have all of your results printed for you. While it may not be something that everyone needs in their day to day calculations – for me, my business needs, and my attempt to be more financially responsible the Casio HR-100TM is perfect for keeping me on track.


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