Make a Difference with a Mango Wood Beaded Bracelet and World Vision

world vision Mango Wood Beaded Bracelet review

world vision Mango Wood Beaded Bracelet reviewI’ve always been a fan of color and texture, and adding it into my life with accessories and jewelry. Recently, World Vision sent me one of their Mango Wood Beaded Bracelets. It’s a simple cuff that latches like a buckle on the front, and wraps your arm with several hand beaded strands.

world vision Mango Wood Beaded Bracelet reviewThe Mango Wood Beaded Bracelet is handcrafted in Indonesia by an artisan group, led by a mother who pours her heart into her craft. Each piece is unique and shows the love put into the jewelry while creating a better life for the women in a community  on the island of Java makes these unique bracelets to help provide a sustainable income and care for their children.

The buckle on the front does come apart, but the first time it was a little harder to do. The beads are actually on a stretchy base so the bracelet will fit virtually any wrist. The beads alternate between muted, bright and metallic colors so they can accent any outfit you put with it. It’s a beautiful handmade bracelet that any lady in your life that loves color will love to their jewelry collection. The bracelet has an artisan feel, and more of a natural and earthy tones for the perfect accessory.



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