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Magic Moves Rainbow Jam Teaches through Music and Color!

rainbow jam reviewLearning is always more fun when you’re little, and really kids learn a lot through playing. I always think the best toys for kids are the ones they don’t really know are educational, and some of the new products by Educational Insights are perfect for that. They sent us one of their new Magic Moves Rainbow Jam, and I had to recruit our friend Gavin to help us review it.

rainbow jam reviewMagic Moves Rainbow Jam is shaped like a microphone, and fits easily in your child’s hand. The soft colors of the mic make it so the microphone is acceptable for both boys and girls, and the top has primary, secondary colors as well as black and white. Each of these colors have a different song associated with it. Each Rainbow Jam also comes with a book of songs and scales for kids to start to understand how music works, and to use the Rainbow Jam to make songs as well.

rainbow jam reviewRainbow Jam has two different settings, an exploration setting as well as a reading setting. When the bottom of the microphone is pressed on one of the colors around the top of Rainbow Jam, the music note on the top will light up that color and play a song associated with it. But in reading mode, the Rainbow Jam plays a tone for each color.

rainbow jam reviewAt first, getting the Rainbow Jam was a little hard to push on colors – but as we started playing with it started to become easier to work with. It was still hard to get it to push on certain colors on plush or cushioned objects. When you’re having the Rainbow Jam read different colors to create a tone, the book is set up so it is a right to left movement. Not only does the Rainbow Jam teach your child hand-eye coordination, but the music in the book helps them learn to associate reading tones going left to right just like words will when they learn to read. Overall, the Rainbow Jam can help them learn colors as well as a love for music.

rainbow jam reviewIt wasn’t long before Gavin was dancing around to every song on the Rainbow Jam, and you could see how excited he got when it was a new song. Rainbow Jam will recognize 9 different colors, that means 9 different fun songs that you can enjoy and dance around to as they associate them with healthy food options and learning songs. It’s made for ages 3 and up, but we could see this being fun for many years to come. The songs on the Rainbow Jam were fun and didn’t get old quickly, but don’t worry there are two settings for volume so they could play with it on a lower setting when it quickly becomes their favorite toy!

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