Made From Earth Plant Stem Cell Therapy Natural Hydration

made from earth plant stem cell therapy

made from earth plant stem cell therapyOver the years, I’ve been trying to find a moisturizing cream that not only will help keep my skin smooth and moisturized but would also be free of chemicals and fillers. There are a lot of different options on the market, but I’ve never been a fan of ones that leave your skin feeling oily or with a greasy shine after you use it. So we were more than happy to try out the new Plant Stem Cell Therapy from Made from Earth when they sent us a jar to test.

made from earth plant stem cell therapyYes, the name sounded a little bit scary to me as well – anything called Stem Cell Therapy reminds me of something technical, medical and scary. But inside the jar I found a soft cream that was almost a mousse like consistency, that had a hint of a citrus smell. When I first applied the Plant Stem Cell Therapy, it went on smooth and and evenly. I did notice that at first my skin had a little bit of a shine to it, but it quickly absorbed in my skin. I wasn’t left with an oily residue or a greasy shine for hours after – just softer feeling skin.

According to Made from Earth this the Key Benefits of the Plant Stem Cell Therapy are below:

  • A proprietary combination of plant stem cells that improve skin tone and luminosity

  • Fights free radical damage and establishes visibly firmed skin

  • Moisturizes with organic aloe vera, raspberry seed and rosehip

  • Renews the surface layer of skin using hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and protein peptides

made from earth plant stem cell therapyIt still sounds a little technical, but what it breaks down to is the Plant Stem Cell Therapy moisturizer is made from natural ingredients like aloe vera, mango butter, honeysuckle extracts, and other natural ingredients. All of the ingredients on the list are natural, organic and easy to research and not something I’d be afraid of using on my skin.

While the Plant Stem Cell Therapy is meant to be a moisturizing and skin tightener for your neck and face, I’ve found it does wonders for my hands that are overly dry from going in and out of heated spaces all the time. The moisturizer is suppose to keep your skin hydrated, healthy all while making it appear visually firmer. It’s gentle on your skin, and the soft citrus tones are ones you wont mind using day after day.


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