Mad Hatter Bistro Mixes Quirky Interiors with Small Plates

mad hatter bistro review

It’s not often that just walking by a restaurant will get me to stop in. Sure, the smell wafting by helps with some people but usually it’s the type of food they serve or even past experiences with the place. But when I walked past the Mad Hatter Bistro in Birmingham earlier this year and saw the interior, I had to stop in. You see, Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories and movies, so a restaurant completed in that theme stopped me in my tracks.

mad hatter bistro reviewIt wasn’t until I actually went to the Mad Hatter Bistro that I saw that it was more than just a quick change of wall paper that a lot of other restaurants try to pull off as their interior. Instead the restaurant took the interior and wrapped it completely it in the mind of the Mad Hatter. From curving booths, mismatched wall paper and furniture, cards and clocks the space is fun and funky wrapped in one.

mad hatter bistro reviewThe space the Mad Hatter Bistro is in now use to be a Quiznos – although you couldn’t tell from the space as it is. Instead it is now a two level restaurant with unique spaces on each level. The basement or lower level is actually the Alice Room, featuring greenery walls, more intimate space and Alice in Wonderland themed artwork.

mad hatter bistro reviewWhile it was the interior space and design that drew me into the Mad Hatter Bistro, it’s the food that will keep me going back. Their menu is comprised of small plates and fun mixed drinks. While they don’t have a separate gluten free menu, they do have items marked and enough for someone to make a complete meal out of. Their helpful staff were also able to answer any questions. Since their food is all prepared in small portions, the risk of cross contamination is minimal. With a fun interior in a theme I love, and dishes that are amazing – The Mad Hatter Bistro is one place I will continue to head back to again and again.
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