Macy's Heart of Haiti Ornaments

Macy’s Heart of Haiti Ornaments are Sustainable Gifts of Hope

Macy's Heart of Haiti Ornaments

Do the ornaments on your tree have a story or are they just cute ones you pick up when you find them? I’ll admit that the majority of our tree is dressed with cute ornaments or ones that just looked pretty. But the ornaments I love the most are the ones that have a story and a real meaning behind them. This year, as part of Macy’s Heart of Haiti program, we’re adding a couple more beautiful and meaningful ornaments to our tree.

Macy's Heart of Haiti OrnamentsMacy’s sent us two of their Heart of Haiti ornaments to dress our tree, both are handmade by artisans in Haiti and beautifully constructed. We were sent both the Metal Work Tree ornament and the Metal Work Snowflake ornament, both are handmade out of stamped metal, painted and adorned with a handmade bead and ribbon to attach the ornament to your tree. The simple design is beautiful and can accent your tree, or really can be left out as decoration all year.

Macy's Heart of Haiti OrnamentsThe holiday ornaments are just the tip of the ice berg of what you can find in Macy’s Heart of Haiti line, and all of the gift options are helping communities build trades instead of just receiving aid. Heart of Haiti was started after the earth quake in Haiti in 2010. Instead of just giving the local communities a hand out, Macy’s decided to help give them a hand up by encouraging the local artist communities. Every item created for Heart of Haiti, 22% of the purchase price goes back to the original artist and the community. This helps build a trade-not-aid community, in an area where the average income is $1.00 a day, and helps support the communities as they rebuild.

We love gifts that have a powerful story and the Heart of Haiti items are perfect for that. Simple, beautiful and help rebuild a community and encourage local artists. Check out sustainable gifts and home decor and other items that give back in Macy’s Heart of Haiti Line this holiday season and year round!  The Snow Flake Ornament is currently sold out, but the Metal Tree Ornament is still available as well as several other beautiful gift options.

Find out more about Macy’s Heart of Haiti collection:

I was gifted a product from the Macy’s Heart of Haiti line however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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