The Best Way to See Alaska: A First Timer's Trip to the Last Frontier

Luxurious Alaska Cruises and Exceptional Expeditions

Are you looking for a true experience in the middle of the most pristine landscape, right in touch with the beauty of wilderness and nature? All you have to do is schedule a luxury cruise to Alaska.

The most conventional imaginary of a cruise reminds to a form of luxury holiday, with a huge number of benefits and amenities. But if you choose the right destination, all this features will appear to you like they’re fading away on the background. The spotlight will focus on the very different experience you are about to embark on. Alaska cruises and expeditions perfectly embody the search of new itineraries that more and more tourists and travellers are pursuing throughout the last 20 years.

A cruise to Alaska is the best way to match an immersive adventure into the heart of the most natural and at times remote environments with all the features of a classical cruise. The unspoilt wide open spaces are home to an array of majestic animals in their natural habitats. Alaska is a region completely filled with the kind of natural scenes that the most of us can only watch through the frames of feature films and documentaries.

As soon as you cruise into the breathtaking coast of most mysterious and untamed state of the USA, you can easily notice how it was the inspiration behind the famous Jack London’s novel The Call of the Wild. Its breathtaking landscapes, backdropped by massive mountains and gigantic glaciers, can easily spark the imagination of any storyteller.

One of the best cruise operators offering Alaska cruises and expeditions has created a bouquet of exclusive itineraries, in partnership with National Geographic. These exciting expeditions allow adventurers to enjoy a wide variety of experiences where there are so many wonderful things to see and do. With daily dinghy explorations by sea, hikes into the preserves of the Pribilof volcanic islands and visits to unspoilt nature parks, such as the Wrangel Nature Reserve, there will be constant sensory stimulation.

What many people ignore is that Alaska is not only glaciers, cliffs and bare plains. When the fine weather approaches and spring enrolls unleashes its colors and perfumes, all the land gets to be covered with an amazing and unusual vegetation. This is an unique feature that only Alaska can offer: its representative flora, untraceable anywhere else in the world.

Along with that, we have the bright and often stunning spectacle of the extreme North’s seaside. When you’ll start to skirt the coast of Greenland, you can follow the route of famous historical explorers and visit the site of the Franklin expedition. Ilands, bays and Inuit villages are as well a perfect compendium of wilderness’ majesty and local traditions, with their fishermen’s village and small communities settled by sea.

Last but not the least, Alaska also presents a number of animals that only in this land have been able to find an ideal habitat and give a follow up to their species. Arctic foxes and polar bears follow the seasons’ rhythm and come out on spring after their winter hibernation. Seabird colonies, bowhead whales and many kinds of marine mammals are also common here.

National Geographic have created an Ultimate Survival Alaska site that provides you with lots of exciting videos about other people’s Alaskan adventures and may also inspire you to try some activities you might have never thought you could. Visit the link below to discover tips and advices on all the ways in which you can enjoy Alaska.

On your Alaska cruise and expedition holiday, you can decide on how much relaxation and luxury you want to indulge in, as well as the exact amount of excitement and adventure that suits you.

With Ponant, between their port day excursions, and their ship’s facilities – including gyms, salons, theatres and bars – you are guaranteed to find the balance of activities that will create the ultimate luxury cruise vacation of your dreams. Only these kind of holiday will leave you with an uncomparable wealth of experiences and magnificent memories that will last for a lifetime.

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