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Luminess Air Product Review and Giveaway!

luminess air brushing kit
I have a lot of makeup – I honestly don’t think I can have enough. But one thing I hadn’t tried (until recently) was airbrushed makeup. It’s something that celebrities do – and honestly it intimidated me a little. I can do art work, but don’t ask me to draw a straight line without a ruler – how would I apply my makeup with an airbrush machine?

Luminess Air sent me one of their Everyday Beauty Units to try and review. It’s small, it’s cute and pink, and believe it or not – easy to use!

Now, I will be the first to admit I don’t have perfect skin. I use face scrubs in the shower every day, and sometimes remember to use a cleaner to take my makeup off before bed. It’s not horrible, and I get some break outs – but it will never be 100% smooth. Over the past few years I tend to stick to certain brands of makeup and mineral makeups as possible. But there’s a problem with them, they’re expensive and you have to use so much to get a coverage.

The first time i used the Luminess Airbrush system, I did it on a day I wouldn’t have to lose the house. I know it sounds silly, but if I messed up bad and had difficulty getting off the makeup I didn’t want to leave the house looking like messy. That fear was quickly put to rest.

The systems come with a book and a dvd you have to watch before you use the system. Well you don’t have to – but since I was nervous using it anyhow, I did. It is only a few minutes long but it is full of useful tips on how to apply your makeup with the system. I made sure I read the booklet and watched the dvd before starting.

The machine is pretty small – only a few inches big. One feature I automatically liked was it had a power port on each side, in case you’re in a place that it wont work on one side, you can always use the other. The Everyday beauty system has only one speed setting – Medium, but it’s all you need.

I plugged in the unit, tested a few colors to find my shade and I was off. The dvd suggests keeping the nozzle one airbrush away (about 6 inches) while applying your makeup. You can feel the makeup as it applies to your skin – a brief kiss of air. I even put on blush and layered foundation over it so I had a “glow” underneath. I even applied my eye shadow on like normal, and mascara.

Stepping back I was a bit amazed. It was almost perfect on my first try. Not 100% perfect, but the next day when I applied my makeup again – I was done in just a few minutes and it looked flawless. That’s a pretty awesome learning curve.

What I love about it? You only put a few drops in the machine to get a good coverage. Yes, a few DROPS. Just think how long that bottle of foundation will last you! I also loved that it was so easy to put on, and it stayed on all day! It was a hot day – and I didn’t even sweat it off. Now that’s awesome!

This is a fantastic product not only for weddings, meetings and special occasions but even daily makeup application. I love the staying power of the makeup – and my sensitive skin hasn’t broke out since I’ve been using it.

Now, for something super fun – Luminess Air is giving one of my readers the Everyday Beauty Airbrush Unit! If you want to look flawless, or you know someone who does make sure you enter below! Make sure you go their Facebook page, tell them I sent you and thank them! This is an amazing prize!

How can you win?
Enter to win with the Rafflecopter form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me if you’ve ever tried Airbrushed makeup. If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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64 thoughts on “Luminess Air Product Review and Giveaway!

  1. No I have never used it, cannot afford one of the machines in my current condition. But I have been trying like crazy to win one and then I gave up. I have scars and pores that need help being covered up. Thank u both very much for the opportunity! Good luck ev1!!

  2. AWESOME!!! I have been wanting to try out Luminess for sometime!!! I would LOVE to win a Luminess System!!!

  3. I have not tried it but I am getting married in a few months and would love to have this for my wedding.

  4. I have never tried airbrushed makeup… didn’t even know you could do it at home! 🙂 Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

  5. THis sounds awesome. I have been wnatingto try this but it was a bit out of my price range. I also have a daughter that is getting to the makeup stage so this is something we could share.

  6. I have never used airbrush makeup but I have dreamed of using it! I am so excited you are having this giveaway!! Thank you so much for the chance to win this fantastic system!!

  7. I have not ever tried this type of makeup before but with having 3 daughter and two being teenagers this would be AWESOME to WIN. Thanks

  8. I have never tried airbrushed make up. I don’t wear much make up because of how it feels on my skin. I have heard that airbrush make up is much nicer.

  9. i have never tried any brand of airbrush make up because they can be so expensive and we dont have much extra money now that we have to pay $1000 out of pocket for my daughter Cystic Fibrosis medication.

  10. I have never gotten the chance to try but I would love to. My skin keeps getting worse and worse and I don’t know what to do. 🙁

  11. I have been wanting to try airbrush make up for a long time. I compete in pageants and the constant hassle of trying to cover up my imperfections is discouraging! Iv heard so many good reviews and would love the opportunity to try it.

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