Ludens and Chloraseptic – Product Review and Giveaway!

chloraseptic review
Ludens and Chloraseptic Logos
Sometimes I think that the timing of product reviews are perfect – this is one of those times. I was sent some Ludens and Chloraseptic products to test. These are products we have used for years – why would this be different? I remember growing up with Ludens – I loved getting them when I was sick – they tasted like candy, not like regular medicine.

So what makes the timing perfect? They arrive at the house, at the same time a Ludens Cough Drops

nasty cold did. I don’t think they came in the same box, but the timing was almost too good! I heard coughing, hacking, sneezing from the living room as I unpacked the box. At least I knew I had a test subject!

Now, like I said before, I grew up using Ludens. I have always loved the Wild Cherry cough drops. I was excited to see the different flavors they now have. The taste is the same as always and what’s better – you can get them sugar free!

I’m sure they’ve had all these flavors for years now – but old habits die hard and I still always buy the Cherry flavor :).

Chloraseptic Kids

Now the Chloraseptic is another story – I didn’t know they had lollipops for kids, I didn’t know they had the lozenges. I have a bottle of the spray in the linen closet, maybe I missed the new additions of the products the last time I needed it.

Now let’s go back to Snorty in the living room. I want to say he was on day 2 or 3 of this cold when the package arrived. He rarely gets sick, but this cold was knocking him down. His throat was raw, the cough drops we had didn’t help. He couldn’t sleep at night he was coughing so much. The only thing that took the pain away and calmed his throat enough for him to sleep – the Chrloaseptic lozenges. He cleared half the box before the cold was over, but he was able to sleep and heal.

See what I mean the review had perfect timing? I’m very thankful for the Ludens and Chloraseptic Product Review. It helped calm a nasty cold in our house. They are definitely products we’ll continue to buy throughout the years!

One more goodie for you all – Ludens and Chloraseptic are allowing me to give some of their great products away to one lucky fan! Make sure you Enter to Win! I’m pretty sure there will be some use for these once this allergy season gets in full swing!

Also make sure you check out the La-la-Ludens Contest on their website! You can win big!


  1. Love Ludens and Chloraseptic. I grew up with these products, my mother would give me along with that lovingly worried look. My mother recently passed and this was a nice memory. I now look forward to passing this on to my grandson! Thanks for the memory!

  2. I really wish that all of the giveaways didnt require you to have twitter account also…i can barely keep up ewith facebook much less have to create a account for twitter….but i still enter them…but i know it lowers my chance of winning…


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