Lovers, Dreamers and Artists Will Fall in Love with the new Woodstock Journal Collection

woodstock Journal review

woodstock Journal reviewIt was over fifty years ago but the passion from Woodstock can still be felt and younger generations still find the the music festival an inspiration for how they want to live now. Artists, musicians and dreamers find inspiration in the festival since it represents simple living, caring for the environment, and loving one another. With the 50th anniversary of the iconic festival coming in 2019, there possibly will a 50th anniversary concert on the horizon. As Woodstock organizer Michael Lang plans for a possible 50th anniversary concert in 2019, these humanitarian ideals—brought together through excellent music—continue into the present day with Woodstock’s humanitarian ethos: “Woodstock is more than a moment in time. It is about a way of being in the world.”

woodstock Journal reviewWhile Woodstock may be a static moment in time, the artwork, freedom and imagery are iconic and one we can still relate to today. This March dreamers can share their artwork and ideas inside journals featuring artwork, images and moments from the original festival. With the new festival coming soon and the original deeply ingrained into the psyche of modern society, Quiet Fox is releasing a line of journals that are perfect for jotting your notes, organizing your life or drawing your next big idea. All of the journal feature iconic artwork, the spirit and feeling of the festival.

woodstock Journal reviewIt’s hard to not fall in love with the new journals, especially the new dot style that allows you to create the perfect journal system for your life. The different style of journals range from hard covered, soft covers and different shapes and sizes. Write your latest dreams inside, find your inner peace or even map out your future paths and where you want it to take you.

The Quiet Fox Woodstock Anniversary journals will be released in March of 2018. Journals in the series include:


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