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lovely candy company review

Lovely Candy Company
We all have our favorite candy type – it could be a chocolate bar, caramel or even gummy candy. And when I was younger, I never looked at the label to see what was in my candy. Honestly, it didn’t matter to me. Years later when I was diagnosed with Celiacs disease I had to read the ingredients – of everything. Most of my favorite candies were now off limits, not just because of gluten but other additives.

Lovely Candy Company

There are a lot of candy options out there, but not all of them can claim to be not only gluten free but also free of GMOs. The Lovely Candy Company is one of the few companies that can say that proudly, and Target sent me a few bags of their products to try out and test.

The first thing we noticed about the bags of candy was the packaging. All of their candy varieties come in bags that can be re-sealed. I did have a little difficulty getting the bag open, but I tend to have an issue with “easy open” bags – but this is nothing a pair of scissors couldn’t fix. Each candy was wrapped in wax paper, just like old time candy.

Lovely Candy Company

On each bag there is one simple statement “Enjoying Candy is like riding a bike – everyone should be able to do it!” Such a simple statement and wonderful truth! We were able to try their new caramels, chocolate swirl caramels and fruit chews which are also Vegan! To choose which was our favorite was hard to do, since we enjoyed them all and the bags were gone within a matter of days. The caramel melt in your mouth and the fruit chews have real fruit bits and flavor.

I like knowing that I can trust the quality of ingredients in the Lovely Candy, I’m not afraid of mystery ingredients and chemicals listed on the package when I look at the ingredient list. Just remember that even if the ingredients are better for you doesn’t mean you should eat them all at once – try to slow down and savor them, you wont regret it!

Would you like to win 3 bags of Lovely Candy to try out? You can enter to win them below. If you can’t wait – head over to a Target near you to find them!

How can you win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me which of the Lovely Candy Company candies you want to try! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

Find Lovely Candy Online: 

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Giveaway will close at 11:59 PM on 3/16/2014. 


  1. Gracious Me! How can I say “no” to chocolate?!? I especially would enjoy some of those RASPBERRY FILLED CHOCOLATE CHEWS that you have. *Droooooool*
    (Whoops! I’m sorry. I need to go find a napkin now!)

  2. I LOVE the Lovely Candy Co!!! Their fruit chews are amazing and the chocolate rolls are addictive!!! I have been dying to try the caramels and the caramel swirls!! Pretty please!!!!

  3. I would love to try the caramels. Well actually I would love to try each of them 🙂 I am SO happy that this company is offering GMO free treats!!!


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