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Lovable Labels: Product Review and Giveaway!

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Are your kids (or you) always losing things? Miss-placing them? or wondering which pencil belongs to which child? Check out these great labels byLovable Labels!

Loveable Labels provided me with a Split Pack of their labels to review. It’s great for if there are two kids in your family, cousins or best friends.

Split Pack of Labels

All you do is choose your background color, provide the names and choose an icon – you get a packet of stickers that can go almost anywhere. The stickers are Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, UV Resistant. What does all that mean? It means you can label their clothes and get directly into the washing machine. You can label their bowls and heat up their lunch.

Clothing Labels

And best of all – you can label their items for day care and know that your items are coming back to you safe and sound.

I ordered the split pack for my nephew and his cousin. Both are day care age and these stickers can take them into at least their early elementary years. I liked that I could easily identify my nephew’s items at his daycare. In the past I’ve picked him up and wasn’t 100% sure what was his so I’d have to ask. In a classroom with 20 toddlers, and all of those tiny items, it’s easy to get confused.

These labels will outlast the amount of time he’ll fit in the jackets. They will make it through the wash machine and back again – we know that with a little boy these labels will be washed over and over again, and still be readable.

Make sure you check out Lovable Labels online! They offer many great items to help keep your kids items straight!

Lovable Labels is allowing me to give one lucky reader a split pack of their own! GIVEAWAY CLOSED!

6 thoughts on “Lovable Labels: Product Review and Giveaway!

  1. Thanks these will come in handy for my daughter and her freinds we are always going thru and have sacks full of clothes that belong to others. Now we will know which ones are hers

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