1950's housewife

Lost Arts series coming soon! 

50's housewife
I often joke about being the perfect 1950’s housewife – dinner’s done and waiting by 5pm, I’m cleaned up and the house is clean. But the reality is – they did things we didn’t, and more and more we’re a culture of convenience. We’re willing to pay more to get things done quicker. Yes, some of the things they did took more time, some a lot more time. But they were able to do it all within a budget. The cost of items have increased more than double since then – it’s really a bit ridiculous.

So starting this summer, I’m going to start working on the lost arts – things that we use to do, that aren’t done anymore. Some I do on a regular basis, like baking and cooking. Others I do only when needed -fix that shirt, don’t buy a new one. And others, I haven’t done in a long time. Have you canned lately? I will be again soon! But let’s take it one more step, let’s learn how to reuse the items. Let’s cut our overall cost down.

So over the next few months, look for more recipes, more DIY, and more ways to stretch your dollar. They did it all back then and still looked fabulous. Grab that pearl necklace, put on your apron and let’s get domestic.

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