Live Well Sauna + Salt Offers Spa Services To Improve Your Health

Live Well Sauna + Salt Review

Relaxing is key to our health, and that’s why so many of us head into spas for a little bit of retreat and relaxation. But not everyone likes massages, and there are several different types of ways to enjoy the Right spa without having a massage or receive multiple health benefits.

Right off of the highway in Moorseville, sits Live Well Sauna + Salt Spa, a single location in a strip plaza that is still under development. They offer a variety of services at their location, including massages but you will find yourself heading again and again for their sauna and salt spa services.

Live Well Sauna + Salt Review

The modern space offers only a handful of spa rooms on each side, and a relaxation space towards the end of the hallway. On one side of the hall are the infrared spa rooms where you step into your individual pod and can control the heat level, music and even LED lighting on your own. The space is just large enough for your to strip down and enter the enclosed sauna space, but is completely private for your own spa time. The multiple levels of infrared light combined with heat help improve your circulation, can aid in weight loss, detoxify, reduce pain, boost your immune system, help reduce stress and even improve the appearance of your skin.

With all of those health benefits, you would think that everyone would be in line for the sauna. But the infrared sauna isn’t for the faint of heart and with temperatures that go well over 140 degrees you need to know how you react to heat before you go into the space. Take a large glass of ice water with you, and control the temperature and if you get light headed, it may be ready to step out of the sauna. Even as someone who tends to get heat sick easily and has issues with humidity, the infrared spa was not a problem for me, but I did clear through a huge glass of ice water through the thirty minute session.

Live Well Sauna + Salt Review

If you are not the best with heat, Live Well Sauna + Salt also offers a dry salt therapy with Halotherapy. This combines both a low ionized salt mist while you sit in a beach chair surrounded by tuned lights that help your body and mind relax. The salt reminds you of a day at the ocean, and you can close your eyes and relax in the space and even listen to your own music as you do it. The salt therapy helps with allergies, pulmonary issues, breathing ailments, sinus issues and can help improve your skin.

The combination of both a sauna session as well as a salt therapy will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed – and both can be done in a little over an hour. Both with completely control of your space and environment in your hands.

Live Well Sauna + Salt Review

Live Well Sauna + Salt want to make their services part of your every day routine, since there are studies that a few sessions a week can reduce several known diseases and ailments. And if you’re ever interested in trying it out for the first time, they offer services reduced at a significant rate for your first time visit.

Find out more about Live Well Sauna + Salt Spa’s services and availability on their website.


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