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litter robot review
Litter Robot
Our cats are spoiled. Not only do they have a year’s worth of food at any given time (and probably the same in treats) – they are now the proud owners of a Litter Robot!

What is a Litter Robot you might ask? It’s an automated litter box for the cats – and I think it’s pretty cool!

How does it work? You load it up with clumping litter, set the top on the track and plug it in. I was surprised at how easy it was to set up and get going.

Now why is it important to have a Litter Robot in our house? We have a crime spree going on… Two little criminals going on their own little crime spree!

The Culprits:


Graysie – “The Nose” 

Description: 13 year old Russian Blue

Aliases: Gray Girl, Princess Grace, Bonk Bonk, Peepers

Crime: Hovering


Godiva – “The Mouth”

Description: 8 1/2 year old Ebony Oriental

Aliases: Gabby, Gabster, Fatsy Kline

Crime: Sand Kicking

What do I mean they’re on a crime spree? The litter box has sat in the corner of the basement for the last several years. Between the hoovering over the edge and the sand kicking that area of the basement would be a total mess. I wind up mopping the basement every week.

Making sure the basement is clean, the litter box is clean and the basement is “smell free” is a full time job. And as soon as it warms up past 60 degrees we move down to the basement to keep the bills low. So within 20 feet of the foot of our bed is the litter box. Not the most ideal situation, but in an older house where air conditioning just leaks outside – we would rather keep our bills low. So I’m always cleaning this area to make sure it stays clean.

When I was setting up the Litter Robot, the first concern I had was the girls may not use it. We have had the rake power litter boxes in the past – only to have them break within a month. The cats used them, but weren’t thrilled with using them. But I took the pieces downstairs and started to set up the new Litter Robot. As I read the instructions and set it up, Godiva sat and watched it make it’s first cycle. She sat right next to me and cocked her head instead of running away.

The first night the Litter Robot was set up, I stayed up seeing if we would hear them use it. I eventually fell asleep, and we were both startled awake at 5:30 by the Litter Robot going through a cleaning cycle. I laughed a little knowing that they had actually used it and fell back asleep.

With the exception of a couple surprises, they have both been using the Litter Robot daily! The lip extender catches any mess caused by the hovering and there is very little sand on the floor! The area stays clean and relatively smell free – so less work and cleaning for me (which makes me even happier). I suspect that the couple surprises I’ve found in the vicinity were from someone needing to use the box while it was going through a cycle. Thankfully they were easy to pick up, toss in the Litter Robot and push a button so it went through a cycle and took care of the mess.

I set the Litter Robot up last Wednesday and I haven’t had to change the litter pan yet (it’s been over a week!) I keep walking up and checking to see if the bin is full, or if there is still enough litter inside and I am happily surprised each time! It’s self contained and super easy to refill and clean. I think the Litter Robot might be a cat owner’s best friend – it takes the gross part of owning pets away. Just keep in mind it’s for cats between 5 and 15 lbs.

Both of the cats love that they always have a clean litter box – and I love how easy it is for us to use! Now, it hasn’t completely stopped the crime wave, I have still found litter on the floor outside (that darn Sand Kicker is at it again!) But the overall mess is gone -and clean up is so easy!

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  1. Awesome! I love how you refer to your cats as criminals. Mine are a couple of bandits, too. We could really use this thing. I hate cleaning the litter box and the mess that surrounds it. Thanks for the great review. I’m going to check it out!

  2. Cute!! Maybe I ought to litter box train my dogs now… they’re small enough to fit in one of these! 🙂

    • We have 2 kittens- Bella and Gizmo. Gizmo’s biological sister comes to spend the night some times, too. (My mother adopted her when we adopted Gizmo so sometimes we have 3 kitties.)

  3. My mom could so use this. One of her 2 cats only has 3 legs, so she doesn’t do a good job covering when she’s done. 🙂

  4. I’d love this! Thanks for the giveaway!
    My cats’ names are Joey, Relly, Grimace and Trogdor.
    We also have two kittens we brought in from the outside that were are socializing and finding homes for and their names are Mouth and Harvey!

  5. This sure looks like a dream product. We have a small house,so, keeping ahead of the odor can be a challenge. Litter Robot looks like the answer to Tomas’ and my prayers. Tomas being my cat!

  6. Our kitties, Missy, Trinity and Cookie really need this. Our son who is responsible for the daily scoop would be so very happy too!

  7. My cats names are Eb, Daisy, Oscar, CeeCee, Fuzz Bucket, Fat-Moo, Feets and Blackie Lawless. So as you can see I need another litter box, especially one like this!

  8. What a great thing for your cats. Anyone having a cat would absolutely love this, including me. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  9. I have 3 kittens, almost 3 months old, that were given to us by our neighbor. Link, Zelda, and Ganon. I really need this as it is so much work keeping their box clean. This would lighten my work load!!

  10. I would really love one of these. I am a mom of 3 kids (9,7,1yrs) We just got two adorable kittens that my babies wanted and i couldnt so no to….problem ive been having alot of medical problems lately and this would help me tons on keeping up with these kittens because although my girls said they would help…we know how that usually goes 🙂 I knew they wouldn’t but figured the cats would keep their minds away from all that is going on with me sometimes

  11. My cat’s name is Pugsley. He is from the Humane Society and he is so loyal. When/If I win a Litter-Robot I will be going back to the Humane Society to get another cat so Mr Pugsley will have a friend.

  12. Right now i only have one Sweet Little Old Lady Cat Named Brownie!
    At once i had 5 cats together & their names were, Jynx, Nugget, Sebastian, Orion, & Ash (along w Brownie)
    My very First cats name was Jack!
    Thanks for the Chance to WIN

  13. Well let’s go from oldest to youngest. Zoey, Jinx, Sam, Tia, and Muffin. All inside and spoiled rotten.
    jjsell76 at yahoo dot com


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