Lite Brix Flying Ace Snoopy Lights Up with Fun

Snoopy Lite Brix Review

Snoopy Lite Brix ReviewWith the new Peanuts Movie out in theaters now, there are bound to be some great new toys and items out on the market. We were sent the new Lite Brix The Peanuts Movie Flying Ace Snoopy Set to review, and the set is full of adorable Peanuts characters and is a lot of fun for kids of all ages.

Snoopy Lite Brix ReviewThe Lite Brix The Peanuts Movie Flying Ace Snoopy Set comes with over 60 pieces, decals and three characters all related to The Peanuts Movie, and is easy to assemble. The set is intended for children ages 5 and up, but there are some small pieces parents should look out for, more specifically the tools in Woodstock’s tool box are loose and small.

Snoopy Lite Brix ReviewLike other block toy sets, the Flying Ace Snoopy Lite Brix set comes with all of the pieces as well as a step by step diagram on how to put it together. The set has over 20 steps that will result in the adorable dog house of our favorite dog Snoopy as well as the yard space around it.

Snoopy Lite Brix ReviewThe top of Snoopy’s dog house uses clear red bricks so when you turn on the LED Lite Brix it will show through the top of the roof as well. Inset in the top is the Lite Brix LED box that will require 3 AAA batteries. The construction of the dog house allows you reach in and turn on or off the LED lights when ever you want. Once activated, the Lite Brix will glow with blue, green and yellow LED lighting that glows through the roof and down into the base of the dog house.

Snoopy Lite Brix ReviewThe Lite Brix The Peanuts Movie Flying Ace Snoopy Set was a lot of fun to assemble, and it didn’t take that long overall to do, however it would probably take longer for younger children. The steps were easy to follow and use pictures so kids can build the set without assistance from their parents. However, parental assistance may be required for smaller children when it comes to putting the batteries into the lighting block since it requires a screwdriver.

When you’re finished assembling your Flying Ace Lite Brix set you have an adorable moment from the Peanuts Movie, including your favorite characters, the iconic Snoopy dog house and even a cute white picket fence.


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