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Lilly's Light Movie Review

After a long year of difficulties, finding a movie that is pure and full of good messaging for kids and your family may seem like a daunting task. But created out of the desire to provide acceptance and love for kids in any situation Lilly’s Light The Movie is now available for streaming.

Set in a fantasy world, Lilly lives in a lighthouse with her foster children. The movie is completely devoid of scary moments but brings with it messages of acceptance, understanding and even teaches kids why other kids may have a different family or home life than they do. The movie is filled with music and bright colors that will keep children entertained, it’s a movie that parents will be happy to let their kids watch over and over again. Be on the look out for some pretty big celebrities who appear in the film as well.

Lilly’s Light The Movie is now available on Gathr, and to celebrate it’s debut we sat down with Sherry Hursey who plays Lilly to find out more about the story and why she created Lilly’s Light.

Check out our interview below, and be sure to keep reading about Lilly’s Light and enter for your chance to win some pretty awesome movie inspired prizes!

Sherry Hursey Interview

Lilly’s Light: The Movie Activity Booklet Includes:

  • Music Video with Follow the Bouncing Ball Lyrics so children can sing along with Sherry and friends!
  • Song Featured in Music Video: “Pass It On”
  • Printable Coloring Pages from the film
  • Printable Puzzles inspired by the film

Get Your Printable Activity Booklet Here:

FilmRise, an industry leading film and television studio and streaming network, is releasing the fun-filled, heartwarming children’s musical adventure, “Lilly’s Light: The Movie.” Produced by Lilly’s Light Productions, LLC, the film stars Sherry Hursey (“Home Improvement,” “Bring It On”), co-starring Mindy Sterling (“Austin Powers,” “iCarly”), Philece Sampler, (“Stanley”), and Fred Willard (“Best In Show,” “Mascots”) among many others.  

“Lilly’s Light: The Movie” is an uplifting, joyous family musical, starring Lilly (Sherry Hursey), a loving foster mom and keeper of an enchanted lighthouse. Using joy, love, laughter and song as her tools, Lilly shows everyone that “Life is Full of Possibilities!” “Lilly’s Light: The Movie” is filled with original songs and includes song contributions by Oscar nominated and Emmy, Grammy, Tony Award winning singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins and Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee Steve Dorff, who has written nine #1 film songs and 15 Top 10 hits.

FilmRise is teaming up with Gathr at Home for a nationwide virtual theatrical release of “Lilly’s Light: The Movie” kicking off with a live safe at home screening premiere event to coincide with UN International Children’s Day celebrations and National Adoption Month.  A musical adventure the whole family can enjoy, the virtual premiere includes a live simultaneous screening of the film followed by a live interactive Lilly’s Lighthouse Post Movie Party to includes:

  • Meeting the cast including Lilly (Sherry Hursey), Peaches (Mindy Sterling), Professor Crabbe (George Paul Martin)Will Patchitt (Jean Luc Martin) and Jacara (Jordyn Curet);
  • Special Musical performance by Kenny Loggins and Rick Cowling (Kenny Patchitt);
  • Juggling Lesson for kids with San Diego Circus Center’s Jean-Luc Martin, (Will Patchitt);
  • Special appearance by Oink the Pig;
  • Bloopers; and 
  • Talk and Q&A with Kids TV Expert Dr. Gordon L. Berry. Parents can click here for ticket information.

 “Lilly’s Light: The Movie, is my heart project, because it has my heart’s mission to demonstrate love, compassion, empathy, unity and celebration of life and to use joy, laughter, imagination, music, adventure and fun to empower children (and the child in all of us) to find their own “Spark Of Light”.  My hope is that the release of this film will shine a light on our thousands of displaced and foster youths and make it “cool” for every family to consider opening their hearts to assist a child in need. To be a door where the heart is always open.”, states the film’s producer and star, Sherry Hursey.

The film’s live and subsequent virtual theatrical screenings will also serve to raise awareness and funding for Lilly’s Fostering Hearts, a 501 (c)(3) charity that raises awareness as to the needs of displaced, fostered, and adoptable youth as well as Foster Care Counts and The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. 

Lilly’s Light: The Movie” is based on the original TV program “Lilly’s Light,” that premiered on PBS stations in 2010 and won a KIDS FIRST! Best Award by The Coalition For Quality Children’s Media. 

“Lilly’s Light: The Movie” Synopsis

Lilly is a loving foster mom and the keeper of an enchanted lighthouse. With her spirited crew of kids, their exotic talking pets and zany friends, Lilly uses joy, love, laughter and song as her tools, and shows everyone that “Life is Full of Possibilities!”

The adventure begins when two curious members of Lilly’s crew discover the Big Book of Little Adventures in the lighthouse basement. Messenger-pelican, Pel Mel, brings news that newly orphaned Daniel and his pot-bellied pig, Oink, need a home. As sisters Peaches, (Mindy Sterling) and Dee, (Philece Sampler) snicker-bicker, Professor Crabbe, perfects the Illiator. Will and Al Patchitt prepare for guests, while Lilly, the kids and Uncle Fitz take Daniel on a musical journey where they meet Sir Oinks A Lot, the Wizard of Hog (Fred Willard). He discovers the secret of the lighthouse and how to turn the imaginary into magical adventure. As the adventure ends, our story returns us to present day in the lighthouse basement, several years later. We are reunited with slightly older yet familiar faces, introduced to a few new crewmembers, including cousin Kenny Patchitt (Rick Cowling), and the next chapter begins with a new spark of light.

Lilly’s Light is filled with original music, sparkling sets and strong message points to which children can relate. It “shines a light” on the issue of challenges facing foster children. It is an inspiring and uplifting adventure that will capture the hearts and minds of children and adults everywhere.

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Signed Lilly’s Light Poster

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