Lil’ Blizzard Friends Bring Your Favorite Ice Cream Treats To Surprise Toys

Lil' Blizzard Friends Unboxing and Review

Think of your favorite dessert or treat – wouldn’t it be great if you could get it as a toy too? Joining a long list of surprise toys for kids are Lil’ Blizzard Friends, blind bag dolls that are some of the cutest little toys we’ve seen lately that remind us quite a bit of the old Que Pee Dolls of the past.

When you first get a Lil’ Blizzard Friend, it actually looks like you are about to break into a delicious ice cream treat from Dairy Queen. But inside isn’t cold ice cream, it’s a surprise doll based on the treat with a couple of extra goodies in there as well. Each doll that comes out has an adorable face and themed under outfit for their blizzard style, as well as up to two smaller blind bags that may contain hair and clothing accessories as well.

The fake blizzard cup that the Lil’ Blizzard friends come in is almost surprisingly realistic if you look at it quickly. With mix in bits sticking out and even after the doll is removed you can snap the lid back on and hold it upside down just like they do when you order a blizzard. They are a bit of a fun treat on their own (even if they make you hungry for a Blizzard).

Lil' Blizzard Friends Unboxing and Review

But the real treat is what’s inside – that adorable Blizzard themed friend that’s arms and legs move. Their clothing pieces and hair pieces are actually exchangeable between the Lil’ Blizzard Friends. You simply take them out and put them right in the other ones. Not only does this add an element of fun to the dolls, but it allows you to make the Blizzard of your dreams – just like you can in the store!

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