Light your Little One’s Path with a Thomas and Friends Flashlight! 

thomas and friends flash light
Thomas Flash Light
Everywhere we look we see smiling trains and cars. Since he was little Goonie has loved anything with an engine. But when he saw trains – they instantly grabbed his heart. One of his favorite trains of all time of course is Thomas! So when Sakar sent  us a Thomas and Friends Flashlight to review he was extremely excited.

Goonie is at a fun age, he’s excited about flashlights and turning lights on and off. He has a couple flashlights now, but none had Thomas on them, so you can imagine his excitement. One of his favorite trains was right there on his new flashlight.

The flashlight actually has two buttons that you can use to turn it on. The small yellow button will keep the light lit as long as you hold it, but turns it off when you release the button. The grey button when slid into place will keep the flash light on and ready to go. To access the batteries you simply twist off the black knob on the end. The end also has a convenient loop so you can carry the flashlight on your wrist as you go. One of Goonie’s favorite parts about that is on the end of the wrist strap is a plastic number one, Thomas’ engine number!

Goonie will be taking his Thomas and Friends Flash light trick-or-treating with him this year. It’s sturdy and it will be harder for him to lose with it around his wrist!

Keep them safe out there trick-or-treating this year! They’ll love flash lights with their favorite characters on them.

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