Light Up Your Space with the Power of Thor’s Hammer

3d Light FX Thor's Hammer Review

3d Light FX Thor's Hammer Review

As we start to decorate different areas in our home, we are constantly looking for different artwork that will represent our lives and interest. Being a house of varied fandoms, we have a little bit of a mixed artwork and items throughout. But when we saw the fun super hero items from 3D Light Deco, we had to add them to the collection and decorate our walls.

3d Light FX Thor's Hammer ReviewWe were sent Thor’s Hammer from Avengers Assemble, a plastic version of Thor’s Hammer that not only hangs on your wall but lights up with the flick of a switch. The hammer comes in one piece, but the kit also includes a wall crack decal from the hammer impact, screws and molly bolts to help attach it to the wall.

3d Light FX Thor's Hammer ReviewThe head of the hammer isn’t very heavy or thick, but the lighter material lets the light shine through when it’s lit up. Before you attach it to the wall, be sure to load it up with 3 fresh AA batteries – I tried using some that I had in a drawer, and the light would only work with new batteries (don’t try cheap dollar store ones in here). Once you have found the hammer’s location on your wall, you simply slide it over the positioned screws. The hammer slides on and off easily for when you need to change the batteries.

3d Light FX Thor's Hammer ReviewThe softer grip on the handle makes Thor’s hammer feel like it is a bit more substantial. Besides looking amazing when lit up on the wall, it’s fun to have your friends try to see if they are worthy enough to lift Thor’s hammer. The only thing I would note about placement, be careful where you hang your 3D Light Deco pieces, make sure they are not in a high traffic area or low enough you could hit them while walking by or hit yourself in the head with. Otherwise, decorate with your favorite fandom, light up your space and have fun with your rooms!

3D Light Deco has a variety of pop culture wall art to brighten up your space from Marvel, Universal, Disney and more. You can easily find the right one to add personality and fun to your space.

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