Light Up Your Play with a Super Wubble Brite!

super wubble brite review

super wubble brite review

After testing several different Wubbles over the years now, it’s hard to imagine they can get better. But this year Wubbles has come out with their newest version the Super Wubble Brite, and it adds a new level of fun to the toy. This year Wubble sent us the new Super Wubble Brite to check out, and it has everything we love about the Wubbles in the past with some fun LED lights inside.

If you haven’t played with a Wubble before, they’re a ton of fun. What is a Wubble? It’s an expandable non-poppable ball that (depending on the version) get up to a few feet wide. You can toss it, kick it and play with it. It wont pop, or tear and is fun for kids of all ages. One of the major benefits of the Wubble balls is they have a lifetime guarantee – so if you somehow manage to pop your Wubble they will send you a new one!

super wubble brite reviewIn your Super Wubble Brite package you’ll not only get the Super Wubble Brite, but you’ll also get the pump and everything you need to get started. Just add your AA batteries to the pump and you’re ready to play. It does take a few minutes to blow up your Wubble ball, but it will stay inflated for several hours. Wubbles can be played with inside or out – unless, of course you’re playing with the Wubble X – keep that one inside so you can catch it before it flies away.

The Super Wubble Brite was actually the first Wubble we had problems inflating. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t get our Wubble to blow up with the pump. But because every Wubble has that life time guarantee, I simple emailed Wubble and a new one showed up the next week. Be sure your pump has fresh batteries, or don’t use cheap dollar store ones or it may make blowing up your Wubble harder. But once it starts to inflate, give it some space to grow.

Our Super Wubble Brite got to be a couple feet big when I stopped inflating it and pinched the light switch on the bottom. It cycled through several colors on the LED and you could see the fun colors all the way through the ball as we played. It was a lot of fun, and if your kids already love Wubbles they’ll love the newest one as well!

Check out the Super Wubble Brite in action:


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