firefly toothbrush review

Light Up Their Stockings with Firefly Toothbrushes

firefly toothbrush review

Christmas stockings are always full of fun and exciting things. I know ours were full of toys, oranges and Spaghetti-O’s. But as a kid, you know there’s always one or two items in there you dread – like socks or toothbrushes! But even the dreaded toothbrush can be a fun gift, and Firefly Toothbrushes are changing how kids see toothbrushes. And they may even want to brush more with their new ones!

firefly toothbrush reviewFirefly¬†sent us a variety of their kids toothbrushes and even a fun mouthwash for us to check out. I recruited our friends Gavin and Ella to help us out, since I knew they’d absolutely love the fun toothbrushes and mouth wash. In our package were two of their new Star Wars light saber toothbrushes, a Hello Kitty racing toothbrush and even a Hello Kitty kids mouthwash. When I got there and asked the kids to brush their teeth, first they were a little hesitant but got excited when they saw their new toothbrushes and the mouthwash they got to try!

firefly toothbrush reviewFirst up was Gavin trying his new Star Wars toothbrush. Like the majority of Firefly’s toothbrushes, you can press a button and it lights up. But the Star Wars ones flickers and surges like a light saber would all while having movie lines come out of the speaker. The lights and sound effects last for a whole minute, which is how long your child should brush their teeth. It’s a lot of fun for the kids, and heck would be for adults too!

firefly toothbrush reviewThe Hello Kitty toothbrush is the same way, but doesn’t have sound effects wrapped in. Instead the Hello Kitty toothbrush has three lights up it: red, yellow and green – just light a stop light. The lights blink for the whole minute and tell your kids when their minute is up by flashing red for Stop. It’s amazing how long a minute seems to kids while brushing their teeth, but it encourages them to brush more and get places they might normally miss.

firefly toothbrush reviewAnd when your kids are done brushing, Firefly has some kid friendly mouthwash as well! The Hello Kitty mouthwash comes with a built in cup at the bottom with a place to store the cup when it’s not in use. A pump or two of the top and the cup is filled with bubblegum flavored mouth wash. It’s still not safe for them to swallow, but the flavor is a lot less caustic than the adult flavors and encourages them to learn how to use mouthwash to help with their overall dental care.

firefly toothbrush reviewThe Firefly toothbrushes and mouthwash are fun additions to your child’s gifts or stockings, and they help them keep their teeth clean and mouths healthy. The fun colors of the lights, relate-able characters and even sound effects make brushing their teeth a lot more fun as well. You can find Firefly toothbrushes at stores near you or even on Amazon. Brushing their teeth is going to be come more fun with these fun toothbrushes and mouthwashes!

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