Light Up the Night with National Geographic’s Sky Rockets

National Geographic Sky Rockets Review

With a slew of educational gift options out there, sometimes the learning gets in the way of the fun. But when a oty is a lot of fun, but learning just happens – that’s when they’re the best. This year, we have a lot of different great learning gifts options but one of our absolute favorites are the Light Up Sky Rockets from National Geographic.

This affordable gift is one that kids are going to love playing with even if they’re learning at the same time. And it includes everything they need inside the package to play with it over and over again. One of the best parts – it’s low tech enough that you can even have younger kids playing along.

National Geographic Sky Rockets Review

The Light Up Sky Rockets comes with 3 rockets and the stomp propulsion system. The rockets all have soft foam tips already on them and have a switch that makes them easy to turn on the LED inside (they also already include the batteries!) Set up is as easy is taking them outside, placing the rocket and letting the kids stomp to send them into the air!

There’s so much kids can do with this set that make it the perfect toy to get them this year.

  • Stomp the extra-large foot pump on the kids toy rocket launcher and send your air rockets flying high! This is an awesome addition to your collection of outdoor games and outdoor toys! This kids toy is unforgettable!
  • LIGHT UP THE SKY – Other rocket launchers for kids don’t put on a show like these rockets! Each foam-tipped rocket is equipped with LED lights that can be turned on and off. Take outdoor play to the next level with a spectacular rocket light show!
  • LEARNING CAN REALLY BE THIS FUN – This is more than a kids rocket launcher because our detailed learning guide contains rocket flight experiments and insight into the physics of motion and aerodynamics. Makes a great STEM gift for boys and girls!
National Geographic Sky Rockets Review

While the Light Up Sky Rocket system seems like a simple set up, what it does is encourages outdoor play and in some of the easiest and simplest ways. Kids can learn about rockets and how they fly, all while competing to see who can make theirs go the highest. They can watch it fly through the nights sky and see it come back down.

It may be a relatively simple set up on the outside, but kids will love playing with the set, and you will love that they’re learning while doing it.


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