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Life Moments Shopping Planner – a Great Resource for New Moms & More #ShopperIncite

Shopping Planner

Each moment in our lives comes with new excitement and joy, but they also come with some great new expenses and a balancing act. After a new one is introduced into your family, life takes a wild ride and you’ve got to take some time to figure out how to balance it all again. There is a great new tool that you can sign up for, that while it wont help with those sleepless nights – just might help save you a little bit of money as you!

Shopper Incite has just started sending out their new coupon booklets and planners. They sent us one of their Life Moments Shopping Planners for New Moms to review. It’s a great resource for new parents as well as aunts, uncles and even grandparents.

No matter how many times a new baby enters your family, no one is as prepared as they want to be. There are always things you need to pick up, things you forgot you needed – or wanted to get again. The Life Moments Shopping Planner not only has great coupons, but offers you can snag for your family while you’re adjusting to the new little one being around.

Shopping Planner

But it goes beyond saving with a coupon or two when your family is getting use to it’s new size. The Life Moments Shopping Planner also has a meal planning guide, helpful reminders and recipes for basics like baby foods. Each booklet comes out every few months and is updated with great offers and coupons.

The best thing about the Life Moments Shopping Planner – it’s absolutely free. You can sign up below, and the more people who sign up the betters the offers will be.

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