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Libre Tea Large Glass n’ Poly Review & Giveaway

Libre Tea
A couple years back a friend gave me a pile of tea packages she picked up in China. I’ve been dying to try them, the problem is – they’re loose leaf. I’ve made tea in the past, but it had always come in a bag, pre-measured and single serving. I don’t have a tea ball, so the packages just sit in a jar waiting to be enjoyed. I even considered getting rid of them last year because lets face it – tea isn’t always convenient to drink.

I was looking for a solution to my tea issue and drinking it on the go and stumbled upon a great product. I sent a Libre Large Glass n’ Poly tea glass from Libre Tea to review. I hoped this was what I was looking for!

Libre Tea

The Large Glass n’ Poly Libre tea glass comes in three parts. The main body is two layers: the exterior is a poly carbonate blend that makes it easy to carry with hot beverages inside it, and its inner lining is glass to keep your tea fresh and hot. Above the main body is a screw on filter to keep the tea outside in the water while it steeps but out of your mouth as you drink. Then is the screw on lid to keep it all closed and together.

It’s a very simple design, but it doesn’t need to have a ton of extras to make it work great. I am thankful the outside is a strong poly – it has taken a couple falls as I’ve been reviewing the product. It only has a small scuff on the exterior wall but the glass inside stays perfect and intact. I never said I wasn’t clumsy!

There are two different ways to use your Libre Tea Glass. You can steep the leaves inside the body or in the filter. You can watch the video below to see both methods explained and demonstrated.

Libre Tea

Using the Libre Tea glass was so easy – and I could quickly see the dried tea leaves come to live inside the glass. I allowed it to cool for a bit before I drank any of the tea since it was still extremely hot. But after a few minutes I was rewarded with nice hot tea in an easy to-go glass!

I love how durable the glass is as well as how versatile it can be. I can take my hot tea with me in the car, or take the glass camping with us and use it for hot drinks. I wont have to worry about it being too hot to touch.

One of my favorite things about the Libre Tea glass was that it helped my tea stay warm. Even after a couple hours my tea was still warm inside and still had great flavor!

Libre Tea is giving one of my readers their own Libre Tea Glass to try! Read how you can enter below.

How can you win?
Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite type of tea is! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked with the button below!

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45 thoughts on “Libre Tea Large Glass n’ Poly Review & Giveaway

  1. I love raspberry tea! I have since I was younger. I would drink it whenever I didn’t feel good. My favorite black tea is Red Rose brand (I like that they give you little figurines too. lol)

  2. would love to win this! i drink loose leaf tea all the time, i just put it in a coffee filter and steep it that way 🙂

    1. forgot to say my favorite tea!! lol its most def chocolate mint truffle its soooo good with some cake vodka in it too ^_^

  3. I love earl grey or sweet dreams! And I have always wanted to try loose leaf but have the same problem of not having a way to make it! 😉 This would be great…

  4. I love green tea with a little lemon 90% of the time, the rest of the time I like to try something new and different.

  5. It may be boring but I’m a green tea drinker and really like knowing that good loose leaf tea is not over processed it likely has (less) unwanted additives in the tea itself or the teabags. It helps me stay hydrated and I feel like the tea is good choice for me and a better alternative to other beverages. This cup seems like a good solution to have even more tea everywhere I go – thanks ! Perhaps I’ll give some new tea types a try.

  6. I don’t know if I don’t have a favorite tea or I just love them all. It’s depend on my mood and crave when I reach for it. However, I refill my jasmine and green tea (both are loose tea) more often then the others.

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