2019 Lexus ES

Lexus Takes the Drivers Experience to a New Level with the 2019 ES and FSport #Lexus

When you’re looking for a new car, often you’re looking for one that is a good fit for your family as well as one that is a nice drive. While most cars keep this in mind, Lexus has started designing their cars with the driver in mind, from comfort, drive safety and more. As they get ready to relaunch their ES and FSport they took special care to update everything from the stitching on the seats, to the angle of the windshield.

2019 Lexus ESLast month I had the opportunity to drive the brand new 2019 Lexus ES, ES Hybrid and FSport. Each car toting different new features, amazing technology, and all within a reasonable price for a luxury sedan. We were able to drive the vehicles through the hills of the Nashville area to see how the different models handled. Throughout our drives, there were things that struck me about each model and things that went above and beyond my expectations.

Lexus Tackles Eye Fatigue 

2019 Lexus ESFrom changing the seating angle, the pitch or angle of the wind shield and completely adjustable heads up display – Lexus wants to make sure the driver is safe and comfortable. With these little changes, it means that the driver doesn’t have to change their head position or move their eyes around the dash to check how fast they’re going, lane detection, the speed limit and more. The reduction of eye movement means less road fatigue and a safer drive over all.

Changes in Design Mean a Quieter Ride and More Storage Space

2019 Lexus ES

We’ve all been in a Hybrid that has that electric whirling noise from the battery in the vehicle. Not only has Lexus tackled this by creating more sound dampening in the vehicle, but they put the battery lower and under the rear passenger seats. What does this do? It means you get an overall quieter ride but also a full trunk space in the new 2019 ES Hybrid.

Seats that Cradle You while You Zip Around 

2019 Lexus ES

The new Lexus FSport may look similar to the ES on the exterior. If you see two side by side, the grills will be the easiest way to tell them apart. The FSport has interlocking L’s instead of the traditional stylized L grill. But inside is a whole nother ball game.  The seats resemble race car seats, hug you closely and the constrasting red and black interior is amazing and one that you can easily fall in love with. With pedals that look like race cars and a fun interior you’ll have fun zipping around in this sporty sedan.

Technology To Control Your Car and Your Life

2019 Lexus ES

We all know cars have a technology that keeps us safe. But Lexus is making sure the ride is comfortable for everyone in the car. With climate control that not only cools the cabin but your seats as well – it may be one of the most comfortable vehicles on the market. With integrated Apple Car Play, USB chargers and Lexus+Alexa there isn’t much this car can’t do for you. You can ask your car for directions, the weather, or even to order dinner for you. Need the lights on at home or to text someone? Just talk to your car it will take care of it for you!

The 2019 Lexus ES and FSport will be coming to the market this fall and they’re definitely cars you’ll want to take out for a spin. As a mid-level priced luxury vehicle, they’ll be high on your to get list.

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