Levenger Circa smartPlanner 2014 Agenda – Get Organized for the New Year!

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Levenger Circa SmartPlanner
It may seem a little early to be talking about 2014, but my schedule is already filling up. Between family trips, business trips and blogging conferences I’m amazed at how my travel plans are starting to fill up already. Since I’m always on the go I tend to use a written planner as well as an online calendar so I can get alerts on my phone.

Levenger Circa SmartPlanner

Since 2014 is starting to fill up quickly I have to get organized early. Levenger sent me one of their Circa smartPlanner 2014 Agenda + App Sampler (in Junior Size) to review and it’s being put to use already!

Levenger’s Circa system all works around one main feature – their Circa discs. The discs are interchangeable so you can change your style at any point. They can be quickly twisted out and replaced with others. But there is another advantage. instead of having a three ring binder, your paper will be cut with grooves. You can quickly remove a piece of paper without opening a binder, and without fear of holes tearing.

Levenger Circa SmartPlanner

But there is so much more that their smartPlanner system offers – flexibility of style and use. Each smartPlanner system is completely customize-able for the user. You can change the case quickly, or arrange your pages however you prefer them. You’re not locked into a set format that the printer determines. If you never use the single day layout, you can remove them. And if you want more of a certain page you can even order select layouts for your own personal use. The smartPlanner systems come in different sizes as well, everything you choose can be selected in a junior or full size.

Levenger Circa SmartPlanner

Besides the usual use as a planner the Circa smartPlanner can be used for very specific uses as well. You can even get an App pack with the planner. Levenger offers 9 different organizational apps to customize your planner including: Travel Tamer, Ideation Station, Doodler, Scheduler, Meeting Notes, Contacts, To Do, Take-with Lists (perforated) and Keep & Share Notes app.  You can order one the the one that fits your business style, or even a sampler pack to get a few pages of each.

My favorites of the organizational apps? The Take-With List, Keep & Share Notes and the Travel Tamer. The first two are obvious since I can put the information I need in the book and share with others as needed. But the Travel Tamer, I can put everything for one trip on one page – flight number, hotel and more. I see that being used a lot over the next year! These pages are in the back of the planner now, but can be moved anywhere on my calendar as I need them.

There is one more un-advertised feature I like about the Levenger Circa smartPlanner system. At the bottom of each planner page is a small triangle you can remove once the day, or task is complete. No more pulling pages out of the planner and losing information just to get to a current day!

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